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08 April 2017 @ 10:03 pm
Darker than Black, Week 40: Raaka Virgin Chocolate Lemon Coconut Cream  
It's been a while! Various things came up, we had packed weekends, softlykarou was gone for a retreat, she made me a tasty olive oil cake with no chocolate whatsoever--yes, I do sometimes eat desserts that contain no chocolate at all!--we had a Call of Cthulhu game...you know, things. But this weekend we didn't have much to do other than one thing that I'll probably also write about tomorrow, and so I took down some chocolate from our supply, opened it up, and we tried it.

I should have skipped another week.

It looks like it could be a tasty cake.

What if...your cough medicine...was a chocolate bar?

When I saw the title, I expected this to something like a cake. Now, I don't really like most cakes that aren't cheesecake--and cheesecakes are barely cake anyway--so that might be a warning sign, but this was chocolate, right? The dark chocolate wouldn't have the overwhelming sweetness and the gooey frosting texture that are the main reasons I don't really like most cakes, leaving me with just the taste to compare and evaluate. Well, I don't know if it's the fact that they used "lemon powder" instead of lemon zest or lemon juice or lemon anything else, but this tastes like cough medicine. It doesn't have the metallic taste of a cough drop because there's no zinc in it, but that's really the only thing that's missing.

I was really hoping that the coconut and the cream would come through stronger. I love coconut, as I'm sure any reader of Darker than Black up to this point is aware, and my major problem with cream is the texture, which isn't a problem in a chocolate bar. But while the ingredient list tells me that coconut was included, and even above the lemon powder, you could have fooled me. All I could taste was chocolate and cough drop lemon. And I'm not sick and don't need medicine. Emoji Kawaii frog photo croaking_frog_emoji_by_kaidahthedragon-dabw3kq.gif

softlykarou's Opinion
Uuuuuugh this chocolate. We could have had it all! I love lemon and chocolate together and coconut is a super easy sell for me. And yet, it fumbled so completely. I actually checked the ingredients because there was this weird flavor that reminded me of cough drops or eucalyptus. My guess is just too much lemon powder in the chocolate that didn't balance with the bitterness of the dark chocolate well. I was displeased and I am currently in a state where I should love all things chocolate. How could you mess this up Raaka!?
We are in complete agreement here. This chocolate is bad and it should feel bad.  photo emot-commissar.gif
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