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19 March 2017 @ 07:51 pm
Darker than Black, Week 39: Scharffen Berger Bittersweet Fine Artisan Dark Chocolate  
This is going to be a shorter post because we've both had a lot to do today, but I didn't want to go another week without trying more chocolate! The chocolate is piling up faster than we can eat through it. Pretty soon, softlykarou's spring break is coming up and I took several days off to coincide with it, so we might do some Darker than Black supplementals during that week to make our way through the excess. Or we might just decide to start eating some of the chocolate. Either way, we'll definitely use our days off to eat dark chocolate. Just like we use our workdays.

A chocolate bar with some weight.

This chocolate was delicious and I can only attribute it to the shape, because there's nothing special about the ingredients or the processing. It's clearly designed to be baking chocolate--you can tell from how thick the bar is. I originally assumed that there were two separate bars stacked on top of each other and we'd be able to each have our own bar, but no. It's all one solid chunk of chocolate, with some scoring on top to make it a bit easier to chop up. I broke off two chunks, softlykarou and I each took one, and we dug in. Maybe it was having to gnaw on it released more flavor, or maybe it's just that there was less sugar than usual due to it being designed for baking, but I really liked it. And the two-ounce scoring makes it much easier to resist eating an entire bar, which is still a temptation for me even when I'm stuffed full. There's always room for more chocolate.

I might not eat the rest of this chocolate, though, due to our aforementioned overflowing chocolate supply. It's probably better to dig into that and use this for baking, now that we know it's amazing. Or maybe melt it and make hot chocolate while it's still cold enough that eating hot chocolate isn't an exercise in masochism. I eat rice and miso soup for breakfast every day, and there are summer mornings where I'm sweating by the time I finish my breakfast. Not quite as relaxing as it might otherwise me.

Now...cookies? Coconut chocolate macaroons? Cheesecake? Bring it to me, please.  photo peanut.001.gif

Handily divided for cooking.

softlykarou's Opinion
So this bar is bigger than me and the thought of eating a part of it was daunting. It would be perfect for baking and it tasted really good. It's definitely, based on how thick it is, chocolate I would use for cooking rather than eating. Delicious, and a lot of chocolate!
We are in accord. Let the baking begin!  photo getin.001.gif
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