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26 February 2017 @ 05:19 pm
Warlords of the Mushroom Kingdom: Spirit Fluff II  
It's been a long while since I did one of these posts, but I've written a lot more about spirits since last year, so here's a few more bestiary entries!


The spirits of the new moon, the dark, and the rare triple conjunction when all the moons are shadowed and the inhabitants of Agarica lock their doors and windows and light candles against the night, darkrai are harbingers of fear and bringers of nightmares. There are no ceremonies in their honor and no praises chanted to them, only propitiatory offerings in the hopes that they will keep away. They are occasionally called on by vengeance-minded summoners who seek to bring madness and despair to their enemies, but darkrai are exceedingly difficult to control, and more than one would-be avenger has died screaming under an assault of nightmares.


Hitokage are the bright spirits of sunlight and the heat of the day. They contain both the pleasant warmth of a sunbeam and the life-giving energy that causes flowers to bloom and crops to grow. They are often seen playing in the sunbeams on warm summer days, and are occasionally beseeched to provide extra light to help crops grow.


Bakeccha are the spirits of ripened crops, trees laden with fruit, and plants ready for the harvest. They sleep dormant for most of the year, emerging in late summer and remain awake until the first hard frost falls, which sends them back into their slumber. This cycle varies based on location—in B'rabt, for example, the bakeccha are merely drowsy for parts of the year, awakening each time the B'rabti bring in another crop of rice.

Because of their association with grain, bakeccha are also spirits of alcohol, and it is this patronage that makes them one of the most popular spirits in Agarica.


Nyoromo are the spirits of the tides, the coastal waters, and the river-mouths, all within view of the shore. They are used to mortals in their domains and usually do not hinder them during the course of their normal activities, but they can easily be roused to wrath by too much change. Fishing boats or children playing on the beach, for example, almost never provoke a nyoromo, but attempting to dam a river or building a pier can cause them to attack.


Pippi are the spirits of full moons, of the light that illuminates the countryside and turns night into almost-day. They are found on clear nights, dancing in the moonlight in rings on top of hills. They are usually placid, but do not like their dances to be observed and have been known to curse those who try to watch them.

In B’rabt, pippi are regarded with holy reverence as messengers of Yarikh the Lunar Serpent, and they are frequently summoned to dance at important festivals.


Camome are spirits of rainclouds, dancing in the raindrops and flying amidst grey clouds heavy with coming storms. They are most common near the sea, but will ride rainstorms inland and can be found far from the shores as long as the rain is heavy enough. Camome are not particularly intelligent and are easily distracted by shiny objects, and some farmers without the power to command them will place crystals or bits of glass near their fields in the hopes of attracting them.
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