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23 January 2017 @ 12:11 pm
[CoC: HotOE] The Thing from the Alleyway  
Dramatis Personae
  • Demir Sadik, Turkish Revolutionary/Field Medic
  • Gianni Abbadelli, Italian Vatican Parapsychologist
  • Luc Durand, French Professor of Linguistics
  • Rosaline St. Clair, American Antiquities Dealer
  • Valentina Durnovo, Russian Countess/Gentlewoman
The party headed to the newspaper office to ask about the article on the dig site, written by one Vesna Femic. The receptionist was dismissive to the point of being hostile, but after some persuasion by the professor, including mentioning that the subject of the article's daughter was there and would they pass up this element to the story, she revealed that Fenic was nothing but a gossipmonger, scarcely better than a village fishwife. She provided an address as well, and that was the investigators' next destination.

The small cottage was in a residential area nad when they reached the door, they noticed signs that it had been forced open at some point. Checking for people nearby, the group swiftly entered and searched the rooms. They found bloodstains in the bathroom that had been hastily cleaned up, a darkroom stripped of film and negatives, a missing rug, a few loose teeth behind the couch, and a note that said:
He knows. Fired us and closed down. Summoned daughter. Acting weird. Tell you more tonight at Rose Garden. Same room.
Jazmina mentiond Lazar, one of her father's grad students, who might be this L.

The next destination was the dig site. Gianni attempted to pick the lock but accidentally jammed it shut, and Demir snapped it off after checking to see if anyone was nearby. Inside, the dig was covered by a tarp, and opening it revealed a set of stairs descending into the dark. In the light of Demir's flashlight, the investigators searched the cross-shaped building. Most of the site was empty, though it was obvious where the artifacts had been, but there was a small sarcophagus or font in the center with the lid on its side. The entire interior was lined with lead, as was the bottom of the lid. There was a strange symbol in the center which the professor did not recognize, and Demir snapped it off after a moment. As he did, he felt a forceless wave pass through him, and the professor suddenly realized what had happened.

Dr. Moric had found the Serpent's Claw, the knife possessed by Sedefkar and hidden by the Order of the Noble Shield. He planned to destroy it, which is why he mentioned a cement factory in his notes. Dr. Belenzada had tried to talk him out of destroying an old artifact and had hidden this fact from the investigators, and may have taken the knife and harmed Dr. Moric. They would have to return to the research facility.

At this point, the investigators split up. Demir went on to the Rose Garden to ask about Ms. Femic, and the others went back to the hunting lodge. The attendant at the Rose Garden unhelpful until Demir handed over a large stack of bills, which jogged his memory. He mentioned both Vesna and Lazar and the room they had rented, but mentioned neither had been there in a week and what's more, the rug had been stolen. Demir asked about possessions and was told that they were thrown in the alley out back, so that is where he went. Digging through frozen garbage, he found two rugs...with bodies in them, whose faces had been skinned off. They had no clothes or other possessions, and he moved them so they would be obvious to passersby and then left.

On the way back to the hunting lodge, almost back, the other investigators were surprised by a hideous shape that emerged from an alleyway. It was wearing the shirt and hat of a man, but was a horrifying chimera of forms--the head of a boar, the arms and body of an ape, but the legs of a human being. At the site, the countess, professor, and Gianni immediately ran. Rosaline bravely grabbed a board and swung at the monster, but was struck down in a single blow and lay unconscious in the street.

Jazmina drew her pistol and shot the monster, hitting it in the throat, but not killing it. It pursued Gianni as the professor threw a rock and missed, reaching him and grabbing for him. Gianni tried to flee but it trapped him with its long arms and, catching the Italian in its grasp, it tore off his arm and hurled it aside, squealing in triumph. The professor hammered on a nearby door, shouting in German until he caught the attention of the inhabitant, who let him and Jazmina in. Jazmina explained what happened to the inhabitant as the monster prowled outside, until eventually they heard rifle shots and the sound of boots.

The countess ran until she reached an army checkpoint and, finding they didn't speak English, French, or Russian, tried to use gestures to explain what she saw. This is where Demir found her, and the two of them successfully convinced the army to investigate. They find another patrol had already discovered something, and the professor and Jazmina exited the house to see Rosaline being treated by army medics...and a sheet lying over Gianni's body.

All the investigators cannot help but notice that the missing arm, lying near the body, is his left arm. The same arm whose partner they have sculpted in mysterious stone, sitting among their luggage.

After pausing to collect themselves and hearing from the army that they would come speak to them the next day, the remaining investigators went back to their hunting lodge, where they ordered several drinks and toasted to Gianni's memory. The countess aluded to an incident in her past where Gianni had been of great aid to her and her late husband, and they all drank and ate dinner. Demir did not order any food.

The professor ordered boar.

The next morning at breakfast, after reading an article about a čudovište ("monster") who had been seen prowling the city, they received word that the body of Dr. Moric had been found in the woods of suicide. Jazmina was disbelieving, saying her father would never do such a thing, and after going to the hospital to pick up Rosaline, who had made a very quick recovery thanks to Call of Cthulhu's generous healing rules, they traveled into the forest.

After some convincing, the army permitted Demir to examine the body since he was suspicious due to the lack of blood, but soon objected to his treatment. While the Serbian army medic questioned Demir's credentials at increasing volume, the others used the opportunity to examine the body closer. The professor found a bullet found in his back with no front exit wound, probably indicating a punctured lung; gray dust around his shoes from granite, a component in cement; and tracks like the body had been dragged her.

Jazmina tried to explain what they had found, but the army brushed her off, and she angrily told the investigators that the army said they would not put many resources into investigating the death of "a Croat." The army wanted to question them further, but Jazmina successfully convinced them that "the women" were feeling faint and needed rest, and so after saying they would be by to talk to them later, the army let them go.

At the hotel, the investigators borrowed a series of rifles and prepared to travel to the medical facility to retrieve the Serpent's Claw, and we ended there.
Annals of the Fallen
  1. Gianni Abbadelli, Italian Vatican Parapsychologist, arm torn off by čudovište in Vinkovci, February 8th, 1923.
Our first death!  photo c9a2ed93dbfb11e324f5b3e281e5e1b2.gif

We've done pretty well in avoiding danger until now, since few of our characters are good in combat. I should have known that a random encounter would have been our bane. We should have been advancing in close ranks with shields in front and the rogue scouting ahead. Or at least, start carrying pistols. Or maybe the professor should do a quick dive through the books and learn Red Sign of Shudde M'ell or something.

I'm worried about the plan we have to attack the farm, but fortunately I have some time to think it over. If there's a way for an assault to turn them against each other so we're not fighting guards and monsters simultaneously...hmm. This need some consideration.
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