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20 November 2016 @ 12:25 pm
Darker than Black, Week 29: Raaka Virgin Chocolate Coconut Milk  
I used to drink a lot of coconut milk. That drinkable kind that came in milk cartons, because I don't like cow milk that much despite how much I like cheese and yogurt. I think it stems back from when I broke my leg. Before then I could drink pretty much whatever I wanted as long as it was fruit juice or water--no pop in our household--and after, my parents made me drink milk at basically every meal to make sure that I got enough calcium to heal my bones. And I mean, I suppose it worked from a folk wisdom perspective. I'm nearly two meters tall and haven't broken a bone since then. Might as well have been all that milk as anything, but that does mean I'm left with a dislike of milk that lingers to this day. I have one cup maybe quarterly and then I'm good.

Coconut milk, though. Yum.

I eventually stopped drinking it not because I didn't like it, but because it didn't have much of a taste, I learned it required some processing to turn coconut bits into anything similar to a thin, drinkable liquid that looks milk-like, and it was too expensive for the value I found in it. And now I drink tea and water and eat rice for breakfast like some kind of Buddhist monk.

Okay, all this chocolate is not super monk-like, I admit.

I'm not sure why it looks like there's some kind of spacial distortion going on here...

This was a bit more milk than coconut.

Before I ate any of it, I took a look at the back of the packaging, which described the tasting notes as "strawberry, cream." And I'm not sure if it's the placebo effect of having read that before I ate the bar or if it's really something that's there even though it's not listed in the ingredients, but I really did get a hint of strawberry from this chocolate. Maybe it's because of the texture, which was much creamier than I'm used to. Probably because it was only 60% cacao, but maybe because of the coconut milk. It was more like milk chocolate, which the packaging even calls out since it is coconut milk. That's a milk chocolate I can get behind.

Lacking any solid coconut, it didn't have any of the tang that coconut-flavored foods usually do and is usually my favorite part, but that mysterious strawberry flavor... It was kind of like strawberries and creme, but with the emphasis on the creme and also it's a chocolate bar. That's a bonus, because I don't usually like the texture of creme all that much and also I really like chocolate. Just dump some of this in a bowl for dessert instead, please.  photo Emot-happycat.gif

It even looks creamy.

softlykarou's Opinion
I mean, coconut anything is a staple in this house so I expected to love it. This chocolate was a bit sweeter than some of the other bars I had recently but I did really enjoy the creaminess of the coconut milk. I think the added fat also helped the bar feel very satisfying. Like I feel as if I don't need more dessert later in the day. There's still that mild tart taste in the back of my mouth because it is still somewhat dark, but this is kind of the lowest possible cacao percentage I can eat. I'd totally buy this again!
I could absolutely eat more dessert right now immediately, to say nothing of later in the day! I could have eaten this whole bar, probably, but Darker than Black is a collaborative effort.
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