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06 November 2016 @ 01:46 pm
Darker than Black, Week 28: Hammond's Devil's Food Donut  
This is another one of the weeks where we go back through the bag and pick out one of the chocolate bars we've meant to do for a while and eat it before it comes completely bad. Only somewhat bad. I knew intellectually that chocolate could oxidize and get brittle and taste a bit off, but before I started buying chocolate specifically for Darker than Black, I hadn't actually seen it other than the one time that a chocolate bar got lost in the back of the pantry for a couple months before we realized it was there and I dug it out to eat after dinner. The lifespan of chocolate in our household is generally measured in days or weeks, but at one chocolate bar per week plus the occasional break, it can last a lot longer in the backlog bag.

We're nearly through the whole backlog, though, now that I have a better sense of how quickly we go through chocolate. And now that if it looks like it's taking too long, we start eating the backlog and not writing about it. Hey, we can always buy more chocolate, right? I don't see a problem here.

I expected that I would hate this. I mean, I don't really like cake at all, unless it's something like unfrosted spice cake where it's more of a sweetened bread product than a cake as such. I definitely don't like devil's food cake, I don't really like donuts, and so of all this, the only part I thought I really would have liked was the chocolate. And yet...it was pretty good! Surprisingly good, actually. It was so sweet that my stomach is grumbling at me now as I write this and I don't think there's any way that I could have eaten the entire serving size of one bar, but eating half a bar was pretty tasty! It's not something I would want to have every day, or even every week, but for something I assumed I would hate, it did very well for itself.

They managed to recreate a cakey feeling with the filling, which had cookies crumbs and milk chocolate in it according to the packaging. I'm not sure if that's an accurate portrayal of real devil's food cake, because I don't like real devil's food cake, but it tasted like a more cakey, more sugary version of the flourless chocolate cake that softlykarou makes. And you know, I think that's why I liked it, actually. It reminded me of the cakes that I do like. Kawaii heart emoji photo heart_emoji_by_kawaiiprincess2-d51re77.gif

Unlike that cake, though, I wouldn't want to eat the filling here on its own. It would be way too sweet and I'd end up with a stomachache after a couple spoonfuls. Gone are the days of my youth when I willingly ate handfuls of sugar cubes. And good riddance, really. I had no taste then. Come on.  photo cripes.001.gif

A bit damaged...

softlykarou's Opinion
I've had a few of these bars, usually I find them too sweet. I eat them one square at a time, basically spacing them out over a few days. I also tend to associate devil's food cake with diet food I ate as a kid. This bar is alright, it's still sweeter than I tend to like but I can live with it. If it hadn't been a bit old I'd have enjoyed it more maybe? The cake center was an interesting textual element. I don't think I'd buy it again for myself, but I'd buy it for other people in my life because it did taste good.
That's a good summary of my viewpoint on this matter.  photo 58-2nsylaw.gif This isn't something I'd want as more than an occasional treat, but it was definitely better than I was expecting.
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Current Music: RoeTaKa - Devil Flare (Knight of Fire)