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11 September 2016 @ 07:45 pm
Darker than Black, Week 23: Raaka Virgin Chocolate Limited Batch Apple Pie  
This week's chocolate is a special order. A week or so ago, I got an email from Raaka about a limited edition chocolate they had just in time for fall. The pumpkin spice of chocolate, I guess, except that while I've never been huge on pumpkin spice mostly because I don't like the majority of the foods it's used in, I love chocolate and I love apples. I don't like apples as much as softlykarou does--there are times she'll buy a bag of them and eat them over a weekend--but I'm pretty sure I love chocolate more. But that means there's a little something for each of us!

What's more, the email's language made it sound like they were selling illicit drugs:
We couldn't hold this bar back any longer. We made this bar back in the summer of 2015 and our subscribers went nuts for it.

Raaka’s Apple Pie bar is literally driving our staff crazy. We can’t stop eating it.
Alright, sure, marketing talk. But chocolate and apple pie does see, like a great combination. So I ordered two, they arrived on Friday, and I immediately marked it for this week's Darker than Black.

I like the shiny print.

This is good, but I'm not sure the hyperbole in the email is warranted. Shrug photo shrug001.gif

For a start, the apple taste is very subtle. The first big bite I took, I didn't even notice it under the chocolate for several seconds and then it finally armed right before I swallowed. The cinnamon crunchy taste from the pie crust bits was more evident, and it was good, but even that wasn't particularly strong. I was expecting something like one of those commercials where the person takes a bite and then a geyser of flavor erupts under them and carries them away to Flavortown™, and it was nothing like that. It was chocolate.

What I am wondering now is how this would taste if it were melted down and poured over apples to make candy apples. They'd blend together better since the chocolate is already primed for apple taste. Maybe I'll do that with the other bar, or at least chop up and apple and have the chocolate with that. I bet they'd taste great together.

Every time I open a Raaka bar, I wonder what they've put on the bottom. This was a good sight to see.

softlykarou's Opinion
Fall is my second favorite season (Spring is me all day long) but the moment the wind gets a little cool I get ready for cider and pie. I was really excited for this bar and also a little uncertain. A lot of my experience with apple flavored things that are not cider and pie is that the apple flavor is really obviously artificial. However, if Raaka can get coconut curry chocolate right, they can probably do this. The packaging was just pretty and I wanted a dress made out of it. The crust bits on the underside of the bar helped bring out some of the flavors like cinnamon. It didn't try to be too in your face with the apple, it was the subtle sweetness of a good pie-apple. It was a nice slice of fall in chocolate form, with a little bitterness from the chocolate. A great bar.
I am a fall man, myself, which might speak to my innate pessimism and softlykarou's innate optimism. Or maybe that I dislike the sun and she likes it. Regardless, we can bond over viewing leaves, looking out the window while drinking warm tea, and apple pie. And now apple pie chocolate.  photo emot-glomp.gif
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