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04 September 2016 @ 07:46 pm
Darker than Black, Week 22: ki'Xocolatl Dark Chocolate with Lima Lime from Campeche and Almonds  
softlykarou picked this because right now her stomach is hurting from accidentally eating some ranch-flavored pretzels.

A few weeks ago, we went to Xoco for lunch when I took the afternoon off. You order at the counter and then they bring your food to you, and because of that, they also sell cups and various paraphernalia up front. There's no way I'm buying a cup with the name of a restaurant on it, but they also had dark chocolate bars and so of course you knew what I thought. We picked one out and bought it, then put it in with the other bars in the queue for Darker than Black.

The internet tells me that ki'xocolatl means "rich delicious chocolate," and who knows, maybe it does. I don't speak Nahuatl. It also leads to a lot of dead ends when I try to find a place to buy it online. The official website is here, but the where to buy link leads to a store that doesn't offer it. There are listings on Amazon, but they're all for products that are no longer available. I guess we'll have to go back to Xoco to buy it. Which, well. Oh no. How sad.

We asked for it based on the color because we weren't sure how to pronounce it.

This would make great Mexican hot chocolate.

The packaging barely even mentions the lime, but that was the part of the chocolate that immediately stood out to me. It was subtle, adding a nice tart taste to the chocolate, which had that slightly-gritty taste that I associate with stone-ground cacao beans because of Taza chocolate. The almonds didn't add any taste to me, but they did make it even more crunchy. It was more than halfway to being a crunch bar in texture, I thought, but without the extra sweetness or the obvious crunch of rice. It was still smooth enough that I could tell it was good chocolate.

The lime was the best part, though. Without that it would have been good and I would still want to have more, but the lime is what pushed this over the top from good to great. I'm not sure why it says "Lima Lime," since the French and Spanish translations both just say "Lima." Is it a lime from Lima, or from Campeche? Regardless, more food should use it. Everything together was amazing. I'm sad that we ate the whole thing because now we can't make hot chocolate with what was left, on this weekend where the weather is just cool enough that making hot chocolate wouldn't be so bad.

Or I wish that we had gotten more because then we would have more. This isn't like some of the dark chocolate we buy, where it would actually be extremely difficult for me to eat an entire bar all at once. I'm pretty sure I could scarf down one of these easily.  photo Emot-happycat.gif

The texture reminds me a bit of a board game.

softlykarou's Opinion
Fun fact about me: I used to just eat raw limes. I drank limeade like it was going out of style once it became available. And I've been deeply in love with almonds since forever. Add in dark chocolate and you basically have the perfect bar for me.

But, dear readers, I was afraid. I've been burned before by things that sound like I should love them only to find that they don't live up to my expectations. This was not the case. This bar was as perfect as the sum of its parts. The lime was tart without being overwhelming. The almonds offered crunch without making the bar hard to eat. The chocolate was dark and stone-ground which gave it even more texture. I think I'm going to be going to XOCO a lot more to buy this bar because I need it in my life.
That sounds like a great trip.  photo Emot-chocobo.gif There are four or five other bars there we didn't buy that we should try.

Plus, you know, the restaurant food, but I'm talking about the important things.
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