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11 July 2016 @ 11:52 am
Rookie shoe mistake!  
Like I mentioned, I ordered a new pair of shoes to take to Japan. The first pair of sneakers I've had in probably over a decade, not counting the pair that my parents bought me for the trip to Hawai'i--Kauai's red dirt famously permanently stains clothing it contacts--which lived in the back of my closet for years and then eventually got thrown away without being worn more than once.

And they look pretty good!

Yes, of course they're black

The mistake was thinking that they're sneakers so I don't need to take too many precautions to break them in. And they are sneakers, but they're not exercise shoes and they have a bit more structure to them. So I wore them walking to a friend's going-away party and now I have blisters on my toes.  photo c9a2ed93dbfb11e324f5b3e281e5e1b2.gif So now I'm stuck wondering if I'll heal fast enough to do a bit more walking in them and hopefully break them in more, or whether I should give up and take my boots to Japan. Or try one of the tricks like taking a hairdryer to the shoes or putting in water-filled bags and freezing them.

It won't be a disaster if I have to take my boots, since they're easy to take on and off and they're already broken in, and I have sandals to bring as well. I'm mostly just annoyed at myself because this is what I already do when I get new shoes.
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