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19 May 2016 @ 03:26 pm
My first conference call!  
And it wasn't nearly as boring or terrible as I expected it to be.

Without being too boring myself, we're replacing a system at work that I use to do my job, so my boss and I went into the consultant's office and dialed in to the vendor who's working on the replacement. Half the conference call was the vendor demonstrating how the system is supposed to work, and the other half was me demonstrating how it currently doesn't work.

It looks like some of my concerns are related to the way that the current system works but will go away with the new system, so it's nice to have that allayed. But I felt kind of bad for the vendor as she asked me to demonstrate what I had done and then she got to see the system she was working on completely choke under the effects of a simple database search. It's one thing to not optimize until all the features are in place, but it's another thing to be so unoptimized that the user cannot effectively test it at all.

There's another call scheduled in a couple months. Hopefully I'll have more constructive feedback than, "I can't test it because it doesn't work" then.
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