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08 May 2016 @ 07:50 pm
Darker than Black, Week 11: Lickity Split Dark Chocolate Haystacks  
If you follow me or softlykarou at all on social media, you've probably seen us post about Lickity Split. It's most famous for its frozen custard, and--at least for me--for looking like the kind of place where when you enter, super mutants should come out from the back door and start shooting as I Like Bananas (Because They Have No Bones) is playing. But one thing that we do when we have a bit of extra money and don't want to eat either ice cream or chocolate bars is go buy some of the chocolates that they have. Sea salt caramels, toffees, haystacks, truffles, and so on. This week is banana custard flavor, and while we were there, I suggested that we get some haystacks, and softlykarou suggested that we do them for Darker than Black.

And why not? There's nothing in the first post I made about this that said they all had to be chocolate bars. Besides, I'm the one doing the writing here, so I make the rules.

Presentation by softlykarou.

I'm not actually sure what the ingredients for these are, since they come from a local store and they're provided as-is in a paper bag with the Lickity Split logo on it, but based on the taste I'm guessing they're made by getting a big bunch of melted dark chocolate, dumping some shredded coconut into it, and then pulling chunks of it out and letting them harden. Place on tray and serve to patrons. I'm pretty sure softlykarou could make them herself, actually, though with a bunch of effort and time that probably wouldn't be worth it.

This is my favorite version of dark chocolate coconut because it's not infused with the essence of coconut, or baked near a coconut, or with powdered coconut added, or with coconut oil. It doesn't need to have its shape rigidly controlled in order to fit into a chocolate bar so they just let the coconut be itself. Since I love coconut in just about anything--one of the best parts of softlykarou cooking with coconut oil is the way the house smells when she does and the taste that it adds to anything its used with--and I already love chocolate, it's extra love.

I could see how the coconut flakes inside the chocolate would bother some people as a texture thing, but it doesn't bother me. Somewhat surprising considering all the other food texture issues I have, I know. Maybe I just love coconut that much.

Like the protoss, it has purity of form.

softlykarou's Opinion
Haystacks are a combination of two things I enjoy: dark chocolate and coconut. I used to like coconut creme centered chocolates as a kid (no one else did!) but as I got older the richness and sweetness got to be too much for me. But haystacks avoid a lot of that by just adding some sweetened coconut flakes to dark chocolate. There's some sweetness and richness from the coconut that makes the chocolate feel smoother without lightening it. I can only eat half of one, so it's the perfect dessert to share!
I could probably eat a whole one if one were available, but no more than that. It's not like the Lindt 90% where I could eat a whole bar and often end up tempted to eat more than the two squares that I set as my usual amount. Here, I can eat one whole haystack and that's it. Done. Maybe it's a sign of its completeness as a dessert that I don't actually want anything more when it's finished. Or maybe it's just that they are kind of big. It's hard to tell from that picture above, but it's about half the size of my fist.

Yum, is what I'm saying.
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