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01 May 2016 @ 07:49 pm
Darker than Black, Week 10: Wild Ophelia Sweet Honey & Hickory BBQ Potato Chips Dark Chocolate Bar  
Like desh, we had our own chametzathon to celebrate the end of Pesach. In our case, it wasn't bagels, it was post-run pizza for softlykarou and a croissant for me that I had with the butter chicken that I convinced softlykarou to make a bit extra of so we could have it tonight for dinner as well as put it in her lunches next week. She could a recipe that's a lot easier than the one that we used for our own butter chicken but just as tasty. You don't even know. Amazing to cure the last remnants of a hangover.

But this is about chocolate, not curry! softlykarou found the titular chocolate at Whole Foods and figured that it would make a good candidate for Darker than Black. A good way to expand our culinary horizons. Or to provide a source of vitriol for me to rant about in a blog post!

Run wild, potato chip! Live free!

I was incredibly dubious about this when we cracked open the packaging, but I'm sorry to say that if you came here for vitriol there isn't any to be had. This was actually pretty good. Despite BBQ potato chips getting top billing, there was barely any potato taste to be had. The only way to came out was in the slight crunchiness of the chocolate from the bits of potato chip embedded therein. A much stronger taste was smoked paprika, which may have been the problem. The smoky flavor of the paprika covered up any BBQ flavor.

Well, I say problem, but I'm lying. I don't actually like BBQ sauce, so this worked out really well for me.

The packaging here is pretty disappointing. Partially I think it's because yellow is my most hated color, but also because I'm not sure what's even being depicted. The bees are for the honey, of course, but what are those pillars for? The crowns? The antlered leaves? It's like some kind of coat of arms for a noble house of Faerie. Which actually sounds pretty great, if it was done deliberately and not tied to chocolate. I'd use that as the crest of my house, especially if I had my mothers maiden name ("Thorne").

Also, softlykarou has determined that if we have a baby, its nickname will be potato chip. I approve.

You can see the bits of potato chip in there if you look.

softlykarou's Opinion
Back when I ate pork, I had one of Wild Ophelia's bacon bars and liked it. It felt less fancy than Vosges but just as delicious. If I hadn't known that Vosges was their parent company, I would probably have passed on this bar. It wasn't bad but it didn't live up to packaging. You see, I come from a town where we have a BBQ on the river. My father won the Elks Club rib cooking contest (not bad for a NY Jewish boy), I know from barbecue chip flavor. And this, humans, was not it! Don't get me wrong, the smoked paprika was good, the chips ground finely enough to provide a pleasant crunch, but the bar set itself up to fail by saying it as BBQ chip flavor. The only thing I tasted was chocolate and smoked paprika. It was good, I'd probably try it again sometime. It's just not BBQ and as a good Kentucky girl I cannot let y'all eat this under the false impression there in BBQ flavor in this.
What for me was a welcome deliverance was for softlykarou a terrible deception. We are very similar in our taste in most things, but not in all things, and barbeque is one of those things. She can take it and I can leave it.

I would definitely eat this again, contrary to all my initial expectations. Paprika is one of my favorite spices and paprika dark chocolate is really good.
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