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25 April 2016 @ 03:12 pm
(Final) Fantasy Pantheon  
Around this time last year (thank you On This Day), I had the idea to take the Final Fantasy summons and recast them as a fantasy setting pantheon, the way that GURPS Fantasy II has the cast of Winnie the Pooh reinterpreted as capricious deities. I ran through a few and let the idea sit, and honestly I forgot about it. Then when it popped up again in my memories, I thought, "You know...I've detailed the gods of the Kingdom of Flowers and B'rabt in Warlords of the Mushroom Kingdom, but nowhere else. Maybe I should use these?"

So here are the gods of Chai:
  • Bahamut: King of the gods, god of the sky, rulership, and government.
  • Leviathan: Queen of the gods, goddess of the sea, knowledge, and secrets.
  • Ramuh: God of storms, rain, and magic.
  • Alexander: Deity of the sun and of justice.
  • Phoenix: Goddess of healing, inspiration, birth, and renewal.
  • Shiva: Goddess of winter and of commerce.
  • Ifrit: God of destruction, ruin, and failure.
  • Siren: Goddess of beauty, love, jealousy, and song.
  • Maduin: God of boundaries, time, and transitions.
  • Carbuncle: Goddess of the home, construction, and defensive warfare.
  • Fenrir: Deity of the moon, transformation, and the spirit world.
  • Phantom: Goddess of death, dreams, and the afterlife.
  • Diabolos: God of night, murder, and offensive warfare.
  • Titan: God of earth, the fields, and the harvest.
I'm sure there are some aspects of the world that I'm forgetting here, but I'm hitting the limit of my ability to turn entities summoned in battle that have one power and maybe a few spells into deities. "God of the Sky" could plausible belong to Bahamut, Valefor, Quetzalli, Garuda, and one or two others I'm missing.

I'm a little tempted to cut one of them to make a numerically significant 13, but I'm not sure who I would cut without losing something worthwhile--maybe Maduin, though I want to keep him. I also just realized it's perfectly balanced--six gods, six goddesses, and two without gender. I didn't set out intending to do that, but I like the symmetry.
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