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03 April 2016 @ 01:53 pm
Darker than Black, Week 6: Raaka Virgin Chocolate Pink Sea Salt  
Sea salt is one of my favorite dessert flavors, though I usually get it in caramel or toffee form. One of the highlights of trips to my grandparents' house in Oregon when I was a child were the bags of sea salt toffee that were in all the stores along the coast. That trip was the only time we would get it, too. It was during the summer, close to my sister and my birthdays, so it's not like we'd get any in the mail as presents. We would look forward to that trip for the whole year, anticipating going to the beach, swimming in the pool in my grandparents' retirement community, looking in tide pools, and eating sea salt toffee.

It's too sweet for me now, of course. Insert profound statement about how the delights of childhood turn to ash as you age here.

As such, when I got a three-pack of Raaka Chocolate, I got two Cask-Aged Bourbon bars and one of these, for the reasons I've laid out above. The bourbon one was good, but not worth the price of ordering it through the mail. So how about this one?

I like the asymmetrical lines across the bar.

This is one of the few sea salt flavored foods I've had that's actually worthy of the name. There's kind of a briny taste to the chocolate, which is enhanced by their practice of putting all of the salt on the bottom of the bar. I put it in bottom first, so my tongue got a shock of sea salt before that all washed off and was replaced by the sweetness of the chocolate. It was fantastic.

Sure, it's only 71% cacao and thus it's much sweeter than I usually like my dark chocolate, but that's another benefit of the salt. Since the primary taste was salty and sweetness never came in until I had already mostly eaten the chocolate, it never got so sweet that I felt like it was too much. And when I took another bite, the saltiness override any lingering sweetness from the last bit of chocolate in the previous bite. It was a balance swapping between salty and sweet that never got too far in any single direction.  photo latest.gif

You can see the salt there on the chocolate.

softlykarou's Opinion
I'm a big fan of chocolate and salt, really anything sweet and salty. Usually when I have salted chocolate the chocolate is a bit less dark. I unabashedly enjoyed this bar. The salt had an interesting brine-y taste which set it apart from other salted chocolates I've had before. The salt had settled to the bottom, so the sweetness of the dark chocolate unfolded nicely. As it should, the salt enhanced the sweetness. It was balanced and satisfying.
This is the kind of chocolate that justifies adding sour flavors to sweet things. Briney taste, sweet taste, it all came together beautifully. I wouldn't order more bourbon chocolate from Raaka, but I would definitely order more of these.
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