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13 March 2016 @ 12:54 pm
I've always preferred having longer nails (same with hair) and I'm really not sure what the reason is. When I was a child, I remember telling people that I liked having them longer because it made it easier to turn the pages of books, which--much to my surprise nowadays--they accepted as a legitimate answer, maybe because they all knew how much I loved reading. When I got a bit older people stopped caring, except for when we went on field trips when various girls would fawn over my nails out of jealousy that I didn't do anything to maintain them and they still looked great. I specifically remember the time when we went to the Shakespeare Theatre to see Julius and Caesar, where they wanted to paint my nails and I figured why not?

And speaking of that, Yesterday, softlykarou and I went to go get a manicure.

Hey now, hey now now.

I think it looks pretty good, actually. I wasn't sure whether I would like it before I went in, and I was originally planning to just get a clear topcoat and get the nails filed until the woman behind the counter asked us to pick out a polish color and I figured sure, why not? (this is a theme...) I got black, obviously.

I used to occasionally wear makeup in certain settings--ashiri_chan and softlykarou can both attest to that--but much like my fashion changed in my mid- and late-twenties, I fell out of the habit. Fashion was pretty much the same way, where I went from a bit more diversity to basically wearing untucked dress shirts/polo shirts and khakis all the time. I'm glad that I've settled on something a bit more distinctive, though really it's more just reverting to the way I would have dressed back in my late teens and early twenties if I had unlimited money.

It took an hour and a half, so I'm not sure how often I'd be willing to do this. On the other hand, softlykarou picked the salon we went to because the few bad reviews complained that it was too quiet and no one said anything at all and she knew that would be a huge selling point for me. And it was! Not just for the normal reasons, either. I've only been to a nail salon with softlykarou once before and the conversation I had there went like this:
Salon attendant: "Is that your daughter?"
Me: "That's my wife."
No further words were spoken.
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