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04 March 2016 @ 08:14 pm
Warlords of the Mushroom Kingdom: Spirit Fluff I  
One of the most popular parts of Warlords of the Mushroom Kingdom when I talk about it to people is how I'm using pokemon as the inspiration for nature spirits. Originally, I was planning on just classifying them as generic spirits of particularly types, like air spirits, storm spirits, and so on, but since in my current game (about which more later) has a human in it and since humans area always aware of the spirit world, I thought it would be better to add some extra diversity to the unseen world by having specific spirits of specific places and phenomena instead. So, here's some of the results of my efforts!


Fushigibana are the spirits of the deep woods, where few animal feet ever tread. They are extremely territorial and dislike any intruders into their domains, and are very common in the Forest of Shadows. They rarely resort to direct combat, but frequently use their powers to cause wanderers in the forest to become hopelessly lost.


Golonya are the spirits of the mountains, standing eternal and unchanging against the sky. They have very little contact with mortals as there is almost nothing that can be done to hurt their demesnes, but they have been known to manifest themselves and strike with overwhelming force against those who try to build mountain fortresses or rulers who carve their likenesses into stone. Golonya are nearly indestructable, so the best method of avoiding their wrath is to hire a sorcerer to ward them off or to purchase their complascence with valuable sacrifices, especially gems, of which they are exceedingly fond.


Hayashigame are the spirits of farmland and cultivated orchards, of all places where hands deliberately plant crops and harvest the products thereby. They swim around the roots of trees and through the furrows of turned earth, bringing health and life to plants as they pass. Nearly every farming village has a festival in the spring and the fall to thank the hayashigame for their bounty and ask for their aid in the coming planting or to hope that the harvest will provide enough food for the winter.


Born among wild, crackling flames, hellgar are the spirits of wildfires, forest fires, and burning buildings, raging free and uncontained. Whether they innately hate other forms of life or whether their existence simply requires that they burn all in their paths, they are almost always violent and encounters with them never end well.

 photo tumblr_nkjzgvNPVO1qmgvoko1_500.png

Hitodeman are the spirits of the deep ocean, in the black depths where light barely reaches. Very little is known about them because the oceans are too dangerous to allow for casual exploration even for powerful sorcerers, but occasionally some eddie of waters or signal will draw them closer to the surface. They have never been known to communicate and the strange flashings of their gem-like core have not been interpreted, but some savants note similarities with the movements of the Star Road and wonder if hitodeman lurk on the seafloor not because of all the water, but to avoid the light of the sun.


Kamonegi are the spirits of warm spring breezes that bring rain and make plants and flowers grow. Like bakeccha, they are dormant for much of the year, only awakening when the frost melts and snows stop falling. There is little that can keep their interest but the next destination as they fly, but it is possible for the knowledgeable to convince them to circle in one area for a short time, which can cause their wind to drop its cargo of rain. Because of this, kamonegi are viewed as lucky, and the signs of their passing—the faint beating of wings in the air, the breezes that seem to linger around growing things—are treated as good omens.


The spirits of wild fields and grasslands, monjara can be found even near cultivated areas as long as there is a large-enough patch of wild grass. They are peaceful and curious, and those who can see spirits will often find monjara simply watching them if they are near an open field. Even if their homes are threatened, they are more likely to hide than to fight unless they have to defend themselves directly.
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