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20 February 2016 @ 06:53 pm
Darker than Black, Week 2: Endangered Species Chocolate Lavender Mint Crème Filled  
I am 100% sure that the reason we bought this particular chocolate is because of the image on the cover. softlykarou has made abundantly clear to me that it has her seal of approval, usually while doing her equivalent of "WAKKA WAKKA!"

I actually like the packaging even without the seal. As this XKCD pointed out, there's something that stands out about simplistic white packaging, and while that was more evident last week in Lindt's simplistic black-and-white package, it works here too. I especially like the understated patterns of leaves and the green-and-brown text colors, but I do think that all of the seals all over it distract from the look. It's green and brown and white and then there are pop-out "NON GMO!" and "FAIR TRADE!" like alarms for your eyes. Which is the point, I suppose, so Whole Foods-shoppers like softlykarou and I will pick this up so we can eat chocolate and save the planet at the same time. Or something.

It is a cute seal, though.

A bit crowded.

This is almost as sweet as I like my dark chocolate, so that was my primary thought when I was eating it. Once you get below 72%, I start having internal debates over whether this is really dark chocolate or not. I think the official threshold is down around 55%, which seems like madness to me. I guess it's dark in comparison, for what it's worth.

I was actually pretty disappointed because the packaging says "lavender mint" and there's no mint taste whatsoever. I'm not even sure they put it in, honestly, because the lavender taste overwhelms everything else about this other than the taste of the chocolate. It's not quite like I bit into a bar of soap, but for a quick moment after each bite it came pretty close to that and it wouldn't have taken much more to prevent me from finishing this. The mint would have worked more in its favor, because while I'm not actually that big a fan of mint overall, I do like it in two things--tea, and dark chocolate. I don't really think of lavender as a food item at all, and eating this didn't do more to convince me that I'm thinking about it wrongly.

Where's the mint?

softlykarou's Opinion
I really like lavender flavored things, so I was really excited for this chocolate. I also adore mint things which only grew my enthusiasm. I was honestly a little disappointed but maybe my expectations were too high. There wasn't enough mint! The lavender completely overpowered it. Given that both flavors are strong on their own, it's possible the manufacturer had to pick one. The lavender on it's own was well balanced, it's easy for lavender to get too perfume-y quickly. The sweetness of the cream and the darkness of the chocolate balanced each other out. I don't know that it's one I would buy were it not on sale, but I'd consider buying again.
We have another chocolate bar from this same manufacturer with a different filling, so maybe that will go over better. But while I may be saving baby seals from becoming raver kids, I think I'd be better served by donating the money directly. I wouldn't describe what I did while eating this chocolate as "indulging." Maybe perusing? Tolerating, at least for that moment when the lavendar taste is strongest? Yeah, I think a scale between tolerating and liking (not even so strong as "enjoying") is the most accurate.
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