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11 June 2015 @ 09:20 am
It's hot  
Not outside, fortunately. We've had unseasonably cold weather and right now it's only 18°C out. But our air conditioning is broken and has been broken for two weeks. It was warmer yesterday, and when I got home it was 30°C, and apparently our apartment holds heat well because even though it dropped down to 20°C within an hour of me getting home and even though I opened all the windows, it was still 30°C inside when I went to bed. That made sleeping somewhat bothersome. It also made me more irritable than normal when playing through Baldur's Gate II last night.

I just got word while writing this post from management that they're working on it and should have a deadline for getting it fixed later today, which makes me happy. Even in Japan, we had a window unit and could retreat into the bedroom if things got really unbearable, but here opening the windows doesn't seem to help unless the different is really drastic, like a couple weeks ago when it was 10°C outside and we opened all the windows, and even then it took three or four hours to really cool the apartment.

It gives me a lot of appreciation for cultures with siestas and for Southern dueling culture, honestly. If I had to wear formal suits when it was this hot indoors and out, I'd be challenging people to duels at the slightest provocation too.

Edit: Just got word that a replacement aircon is scheduled to be installed on Monday, which isn't so bad. It's not supposed to get above 26°C other than Sunday, where it'll be 29°C which was still cooler than it was in our apartment yesterday. I think a visit to Lickity Split might be in order this weekend.
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