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04 May 2015 @ 02:44 pm
Achievement Unlocked: Go Outside  
I feel like I've made that joke before even though it's definitely hyperbole. But the truth is, I tend to use weekends as decompression time and I usually get nervous about even having one event scheduled. More than one and I'll probably turn down anything I get after the first event. It's not that I don't want to go, it's that I don't want to stretch my nerves too thin.

This weekend I had four, and I made three of them. What's more, I had two events on the same night back to back. I've never been a party-hopper and I'll usually choose the first event and stay there for the duration, but this time I went to a barbecue, a birthday party that required walking around six miles to get to (barbecue -> walk to mass transit -> take L -> walk from mass transit -> birthday), and then to dim sum the next morning. That might have been a bad idea, because we walked to and from the restaurant and while it wasn't nearly as far as I walked on Saturday, it was all in the sun, and my threshold for getting tired from being in the sun is pretty low. I spent most of Sunday sitting inside in the dark, drinking tea with a headache and dreading the evening when softlykarou and I were scheduled to clean the apartment.

But it all went well! I'd never had dim sum before and it was amazing, and even if there was a lot that I wouldn't eat there was plenty that I would. It was good to see people at both the parties I went to, and I'm happy I went to both instead of picking one and staying there or going to neither, as I was tempted to do. softlykarou told me she was proud of me, because I rarely to events that she's not also going to. Which is true. And mostly I'm fine with that, but this time I'm glad it turned out differently.
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