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05 April 2015 @ 07:58 pm
Fifty Weeks, Fifty Curries: Week Twenty-Seven: Chicken Stew  
We're back!

I apologize for skipping a week, but after our trip to Philadelphia last weekend we obviously couldn't post it while in another city. Then we got back on Tuesday and we went out for burgers that night, because after traveling softlykarou didn't want to cook and frankly I don't blame her. Then on Wednesday we were looking at the Passover Seder we were going to host on Friday and thinking about how many leftovers we were probably going to have from that, so we didn't want to make any curry and have that already taking up space in the fridge that might be needed for brisket and kugel and flourless chocolate cake and all the other delicious foods we were going to have. And yes, that concern was definitely a valid one, so I'm glad that we skipped a week.

But now it is a new week, and with it a new curry!

Those poor potatoes look like the onion is about to murder them.

When softlykarou put this curry in front of me, I was pretty confused because it didn't look like curry. We've already been over how I have a very rigid and somewhat-limited mental conception of what a "real" curry is, but I definitely thought this looked more like chicken soup that had been left in the fridge for a while so the fats in the broth had solidified. It was very chunky, which is exactly how a stew should be, but the picture in the book is a lot more brothy and I'm not sure how they expect the recipe to produce that from a half-cup of water and a bit of coconut milk, especially with the 10-12 new potatos it calls for. Though yeah, "final recipe does not look like picture, film at 11."

When I took a bite, though, most of my doubts vanished. It was quite good, and better than I was expecting it to be. It had a smooth upfront taste from the potatoes and chicken and then all the spices hit the back of the throat, which is exactly where I like them to be.

Peppered, turmericed ginger. My belly--get in it.  photo getin.001.gif

Words from the Chef
Another week, another low-maintenance curry. I was a little worried since last week didn't turn out as well as I'd hoped. I didn't have as many potatoes as the recipe called for but the lovely thing about stews are that they're pretty forgiving. I think more potatoes would have made it a heavier, starchier stew, especially when the peas were included. It was such a simple curry to make and took little time. I think the flavor was good, a nice back spice with the warm flavors of the mustard seed and turmeric mixing well.

It looks more curry-like in this picture, but see below.

The texture took a bit of getting used to. It was really chunky from all the chopped ginger and onions, and presumably because of some of the starch from the potatoes seeping into the broth. The broth itself was more like a sludge than anything else, and while it tasted good it took a bit of getting used to to eat. I really don't do well with textures that are both chunky and creamy, which is why I've always hated mashed potatoes, potato salad, coleslaw, and similar foods. This was close enough that I was a bit uneasy eating it.

Not so uneasy that the taste didn't convince me to finish everything in my bowl and all the leftovers in softlykarou's bowl, though, so take that while a grain of salt. I just think that a lot of my "not curry" impulses that didn't come from the appearance came from the texture.

Shown here with traditional sweet potato kugel accompaniment.

I feel like I've done this curry a bit of a disservice in my characterization of it here, so let me repeat--it tasted quite good. I guess it's a bit like curry udon, in that it tastes good and it definitely involves curry, but it's not actually curry. Curry udon actually has liquid broth and this doesn't, though, so my uneasiness remains. But even that is stating it too strongly, because it's not like I'm dreading having to eat the rest of this curry either. I'm actually looking forward to it.

Let's just say that if I were in a Facebook relationship with this curry, my status would be "It's complicated" and leave it at that.Shrug photo shrug001.gif

Would I Eat It Again?: Yes, but not on curry night. I know that's repeating last week, but it's still true.
Do I Prefer It to the Usual Thai Curry?: Nope.
What Would I Change?: There's nothing wrong with it at all other than what it looks like and my weird aversions, so I wouldn't change anything. I just wouldn't want it very often if it were up to me.
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