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02 March 2015 @ 07:19 pm
Warlords of the Mushroom Kingdom: Bestiary Fluff Part III  
First real work I've done on Warlords of the Mushroom Kingdom in a while! Now that the Dragon-Blooded Charm document is mostly done, it's time to turn my attention back to this. Part megafauna, part bits stolen from non-Mario sources.

Burrow Lok

Burrow loks are predators that look similar to giant guinea pigs, though far more vicious. They are horse-sized mammals, with squat snouts, sharp teeth, thick necks, stout bodies, and short muscular limbs ending in dangerous claws. They are covered in dark brown fur, males displaying lighter stripes above and below the eyes. Burrow loks have poor eyesight, but excellent senses of smell and hearing. They dig extensive tunnel networks below ground, which include living chambers, latrines, and chambers near the surface that function as traps. When a large-enough creature steps over the trap chamber, the roof collapses, dumping them into the trap chamber and the fangs of the waiting burrow lok. After their prey is disposed of and any trinkets they find to line their nests are taken away, the burrow lok will shovel earth into the collapsed chamber and build a new one elsewhere. They sometimes move into partially-collapsed buildings or damaged Predecessor ruins if there's a way to move enough dirt in that they can make their characteristic tunnels.

Fire Spirit

Fire spirits have a mixed reputation in Agarica. On the one hand, they are the spirits of brushfires and burned flesh, but on the other hand, they are the spirits of cooking fires and the hearth, and they receive praise and propitiation in nearly equal proportion. They are most common in the Kappa Wastes, but are also found in great numbers in the Berha Desert. Saying they are found in any one place is somewhat misleading, however, as fire spirits are fond of basking in the sunlight and can be found abroad at any time during the day. Their mindset is somewhat simplistic, and it is generally easy to tell where one stands with a fire spirit--if they are angry, they simply try to burn the target of their anger to death, and otherwise they generally ignore mortals. Some of them are much wiser than the average, however, and the knowledge to gain from them can be considerable, as the Pyromancers or the Paragons of Incandescence can attest to.


The liontaurs of the savannah, the lynels mostly live in small groups scattered across Agarica's mountains, though some of them have crossed the Great Bridge seeking new territory or food in Pithek. These groups are rarely more than a dozen individuals, but lynels are so individually powerful they can fight off thunder lizards, dossun families, or kappa warbands. It is fortunate for the nations of Agarica that the lynels do not seek conquest, as every one of them is naturally attuned to the Essence of the world. Even lynel children can call fire, and adults can hurl lightning or flames on their enemies or set their own bodies alight without harming themselves.

There are two main varieties of lynel, the blue and the red, who live in the Cloudtop and the Turtleback mountains respectively. The only difference discernable to outsiders other than the color is that the blue lynel manipulate air Essence and the red lynel manipulate fire Essence. Red lynels occasionally descend from the mountains into the lowlands of the Kingdom of Flowers seeking food during harsh winters, but the Barrier mostly kept them away. Now that it has been destroyed and the Dragon Emperor rules, the farms near the mountains mostly lie fallow and the lynels may have to travel further afield to find the same plunder they are used to.

Souldrinker Spider

These creatures are related to souldrinkers in some way, as they are always found in the same ruins together but the source of the relationship is unclear. While souldrinker spiders cannot drain life or fly as souldrinkers do, they are just as aggressive and dangerous due to their ability to control lightning. Their horns constantly spark in battle, and they can use the lightning to stun their enemies before devouring them. The creature is even capable of deflecting arrows or thrown weapons with its lightning bolts. Their legs are unsuitable in battle and too weak to grapple anything larger than a mycon child, but they are strong enough to hold on to walls and ceilings and allow the souldrinker spider to make prodigious leaps. This is their favorite method of attacking prey, and the last thing many explorers of Precursor ruins have felt is the searing crackle of a souldrinker spider's lightning.

Souldrinker Titan

Like the souldrinker spider, the souldrinker titan is only ever found in ruins containing souldrinkers, but it seems even further removed from them. Nearly six yards tall and twenty from their lamprey-like mouth to the tip of their tail, the souldrinker titan is a monstrosity that seems almost out of place in the smaller tunnels of the Predecessor ruins where it makes its home. They are sometimes called the "dragons of the deep" for two reasons. The first is that, like dragons, they collect treasure, though it is unclear if it's simply due to the objects' appearance or due to some other properties. The second is that their breath is deadly. While they do not breathe fire as dragons do, they can spit streams of acid powerful enough to score stone or melt through kappa shells in seconds. Much else beyond that is unknown, and it's unclear how they find enough food to support their enormous bulk or if they ever need to eat.
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