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24 February 2015 @ 02:36 pm
Sailors on the Infinite Seas  
While I was plundering the old Exalted wiki for Charms and spells and thaumaturgical effects, I came on a setting someone had written up called the Wyldspan. The basic premise is that the Ten Thousand Dooms all strike Creation at once, and while most of them were fought off, the final assault of the Fair Folk was set to wash over Creation like a tidal wave and plunge it back into the unformed chaos of the Wyld. In desperation, Mercury sacrificed herself to defend against the Wyld, and when the attack came, Creation simply...went elsewhere.

The result is that every Manse and Demesne in Creation became its own stable worldlet in the chaos of the Wyld. Some are a few miles across, some are dozens, and all the animals and people of Creation were scattered. Even the Exalted were unable to cross the barriers, since the Fair Folk raged outside the boundaries of shaped reality and would tear anyone who stepped outside to pieces.

And so on. You can read the rest of it at the link and I won't summarize it all here, but the Exalted invent ships that can traverse the Wyld while shielding the inhabitants from its effects and explore from world to world. Eventually, enough infrastructure gets established that some parts of Creation start interconnecting, and new nations begin to form.

The PCs would be Terrestrial Exalted in a relatively large but not enormous world, maybe 50 miles square (twice the size of Rhode Island) who are unaware the rest of Creation survived. One day, a damaged Wyldfarer with a mutated or dead crew all wearing strange uniforms washes up on the edge of their world, and being Exalted, the Dragon-Blooded of that world repair it, test it, and crew it with a mission to go out and find more worlds, figure out what is out there, get intelligence on their neighbors, figure out how much of Creation survived, and, perhaps most importantly, figure out where the Wyldfarer crew came from and whether they were a threat.

If you haven't guessed it by now, why yes, I am proposing Stargate: the Wyld.

Space Opera Exalted has been a popular idea, from the old Transcendant fan setting about transhuman Exaltedish sci fi to the Gunstar Autochthonia and Heaven's Reach settings in Shards of the Exalted Dream, but I never really took to it. I like this one a lot better because it keeps more of the initial assumptions. Creation is still recognizably Creation. People fight with swords and bows instead of magic guns. There aren't any computers or internets that I have to deal with.

In addition, the Wyldspan setting justifies a lot of space opera tropes with no extra effort required. Hyperspace is Hell is the most obvious, of course, but every planet having a monoculture and a single climate makes sense, because they're mostly less than 100 miles square. Humanoid aliens are covered by the Breeds. Planet of the Week is much easier to plan for when every planet is so small. Space is an ocean, albeit one that wants to kill you. The collapse of government during which each planet developed its own weird quirks.

There is some stuff I'd have to do, since it looks like the rules for Wyldfarers were never finished and some of the factions links lead nowhere. But I've been accumulating my own personal collections of Exalted rules for the last few months, so what are a few more? It's not bad in service of an Exalted sci fi setting I'd actually want to run.

Another idea to throw on the pile!
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