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11 December 2014 @ 09:29 pm
Happy anniversary, OCRemix!  
Today is Overclocked Remix 15th anniversary!

I'm not actually sure how I first heard about OCRemix. I know I was in university when I started listening to it, and I'm almost positive that my acquaintance with them began with sephimb telling me about "Terra in Black," which is still one of the best mixes on the site over a decade later:

My musical taste was different then, with a lot more goth and industrial music, but OCRemix found a pretty prominent place in WinAmp (remember that?) and I listened a lot to Ormgas, back before it went offline and was replaced with rainwave, which is much nicer since it has links to the songs and I no longer have to Google them and keep a Word doc full of links to download and sort later.

I lost track of it for most of the latter half of the 2000s, and I think activity dropped off on the website then too--they had 1000 mixes by 2003 but didn't reach 2000 until 2010. They're currently over 3000 (the 3000th song is quite good, as well) and still going strong, and they've gotten a much more prominent place in my listening rotation, which is almost entirely taken up with podcasts now but still consists of music to and from work.

Here's a few more of my favorites:

There's some guy's list of the Top 75 remixes I found, and while I haven't listened to all of them, there are enough on there I agree with that I can recommend the list as a guide.

Thanks for years of great music!
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Current Music: Final Fantasy VI - Terra in Black (Ailsean OC ReMix)