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23 November 2014 @ 10:22 am
A dream about worries  
It started out with softlykarou and making the snap decision to move back to Japan. The beginning glossed over all the preliminaries, like finding a job arranging transit, and so on, and pretty soon we were on a plane and headed back. We landed, made our way to the town where we would be living (which was not Chiyoda, even though parts of it looked like it) and went shopping for some initial supplies. The place we went shopping looked almost exactly like the small stores we stopped at at the foot of the climb to Mount Fuji, with the dark cul-de-sac and the products glowing through the shop windows and the mountains oddly close the shops. Having bought everything we needed, we headed back to our house and settled in.

The house looked nothing like any Japanese house I've ever seen. Now that I think about it, it actually reminds me a lot of my maternal grandmother's house, with overstuffed furniture and lace and dark colors and no tatami or shōji to be seen anywhere. In this most un-Japanese of houses, we unpacked, sat down, and I realized something with a start--I had forgotten to quit my job in America and it was Sunday evening! They'd be expecting me on Monday!

softlykarou tried to comfort me as a panicked about how to quit without being the jerk who suddenly quits right before they're supposed to show up. I worried that I wouldn't be able to find any jobs when I came back to America (something I remember worrying about at the time, too), and trying to figure out how to send them notice. At this point, we remembered that I had been interviewed too, during the shadowy job process that took place in the prelude of the dream, so we went to our luggage and pulled out the letter they had sent us. It was pretty short, and the only field I remember was the prospects one that just said: "Useless. Possibly retail or similar."

On that depressing note, softlykarou suggested I look up Game of Thrones for reasons I cannot remember at all. I mentioned that all I would find would be ways to download and watch it in Japan, and indeed that was pretty much all I found. I looked over at softlykarou, wondering what I should do, and then I woke up.

I also think melishus_b was there in the beginning, but she vanished once the panic started.

I expect this is driven by Monday's layoffs, even though I wasn't effected.
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