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16 October 2014 @ 06:58 pm
Warlords of the Mushroom Kingdom: Bestiary Fluff Part II  
I made up a few more entries for the bestiary! As before, click on the picture to get taken to the source of the image.


Dossun are predators that live in mountainous and rocky areas, including some of the underground Predecessor ruins. They move similarly to crabs, but have the ability to cling to nearly any kind of earthen surface, including sheer rock, which they use for their most common hunting strategy of waiting in inaccessable locations and springing down on their prey. Those that aren't crushed by their weight tend to be softened up such that the dossun can finish them off, and if their target is more resilient than they expected they scurry away out of reach among the rocks.

They have a primitive society, using stone tools and building fires to cook their prey, but are considered little better than beasts by most of Agarica. Their extreme territoriality and a language that even most scholars know nothing of don't help their cause either, but communication with most dossun groups would be very lucrative, as they often know the location of ore deposits that remain untouched.


In the ruins of the Kong Imperium, the kong's former slaves are now the most powerful civilization. In the shadows of the jungle canopy, the kremlings build, fight, and hunt, and their doings are little-known among the peoples of the north. The few tales that reach the taverns of Agarica speak of venomancers brewing poisons whose fumes can kill, enormous mutated kremlings used as living battering rams and shock troops, farms filled with exotic drugs, long wars with a vicious civilization of froglike creatures to the south, and everything else that happens when the prosaic elements of life are stripped out by fascination with distant lands.

Kremlings are not common on Agarica, but occasional parties will make the trip north to trade or as bodyguards for a venomancer seeking new ingredients. Those who travel to the Kong Jungles find a much chillier reception, as the kremlings do not welcome visitors to their homes. Rumors persist of a group of kremlings living in the Dire Marsh, but the miasma and the insects make any attempt to verify their existence too dangerous for most to bother with.

Mountain Fish

Most trade in Agarica is done over land, even with impediments like the Dire Marsh, the Forest of Shadows, and the Kappa Wastes blocking several obvious trade routes. Sea trade would be faster, but it is far more dangerous, and one of the reasons it's so dangerous is the presence of the mountain fish.

Over a furlong in length, mountain fish are the supreme terror of those few sailors who travel the seas around Agarica. They seem to be drawn to large ships, and even a ship packed full of warriors and sorcerers would be no match for a mountain fish coming up from beneath and swallowing it whole or snapping it in half. They are so large that they cannot be fought, and there are charts that show their migratory patterns and ships sailing from the Kingdom of Flowers to the Raptok Isles have to take the movements of the Narrow Sea's mountain fish into account before making their journeys. Some sages even believe that the Predecessors could not deal with them, and built the Great Bridge so they would not have to travel the Narrow Sea on their travels to Pithek.


Despite their plant-like appearance, opunti are actually animals. Or possibly groups of animals, because one of their strangest characteristics is that each individual "segment" is actually an independent creature. They remain tightly attached to each other except when they break apart to feed on prey, which they bring down by firing spines coated with paralytic poison. Opunti will frequently hide among normal foliage before striking, but usually only travel alone or in mated pairs, if "alone" is possible to apply to such a creature. They're most common in desolate areas like the deserts of B'rabt or the Kappa Wastes.

Wood Spirit

The spirits of the grasses and forests come in a dizzying variety of shapes and sizes, though they all tend to share some similar characteristics. Their primary concern is the health of their charges, whether that of a specific plant for less-powerful spirits to groves or even entire forests, but wood spirits are the most friendly of any of the spirits to material beings. Even malicious wood spirits typically confine themselves to causing travelers to lose their way rather than directly attacking them like fire or earth spirits would. Of course, in places like the Forest of Shadows, this can be deadly enough.


I really need to start statting creatures up. This is the kind of world where a lot of the conflict comes from other sentient creatures--the footsoldiers of the Dragon Empire, for example--and those don't need bestiary entries, just stats, which are the most boring part even if they don't take all that long. I'll have to poke through the books and copy what I can. Plagarism is the sincerest form of flattery.
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