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15 October 2014 @ 02:41 pm
Warlords of the Mushroom Kingdom: A Better Kappa Picture  
So, I've never been really happy with any of the pictures I've found for the kappa. Either they're lizard people and are mostly too lean, and therefor infringe on the visual look of the kremlings anyway, or they're too turtle-like without the savage appearance I want the kappa to have.

Then I saw a Darker Days blog post (great podcast if you're a World of Darkness fan, by the way!), and in the gatormen army pictures I saw something that perfectly matched what I was looking for! Poking around the internet, I found that it was called an Ironback Spitter and it looks like this:

 photo img53587ef24dc86.jpg

Click for source. I didn't paint it and barely know anything about Hordes.

That's perfect. It's exactly what I imagine the kappa to look like--bony plates, claws and fangs, spiny shells, turtle-like but still fierce. I just wish there were concept art or fanart out there of it instead of just model pictures, but the models are great.

Now if I only I could find better images of what I think the mandragora look like without having to trawl though hundreds of pictures of elves...
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