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26 September 2014 @ 09:34 pm
Dungeons and Exalts  
This post is mostly prompted by this Warlords of the Mushroom Kingdom post where I statted up the groups using Revlid's Mutation Revision, as well as realizing that Exalted is basically Runequest with dice pools, and a brief exchange with lowbeyonder about running Dark Sun using Exalted. I thought, Hey, can I stat up the D&D races using that system too? and this post is the result of that.

Costs are listed as-is this time.
  • Dwarf [9 pts]: Dark Vision [2 pts], Inhibited Essence (Requires N more motes to use Charms or Spells and N*2 more motes to attune to Artifacts) [1 pt], Night Vision [2 pts], Poison Tolerance (resist poisons as a supernatural being) [2 pts], Slow [+1 pt], Stonesense [Detect sloped passages, shifting walls, new stonework, etc.) [2 pts], The Bigger They Are (+1 bonus to hit and +1 DV vs. creatures with the Large [2 pts] mutation or bigger) [1 pt]

  • Elf [13 pts]: Acute Senses (+1 bonus to Awareness rolls) [2 pts], Disease Tolerance (resist diseases as a supernatural being) [1 pt], Mastery of Sword and Bow (+1 to Melee [Slashing Sword and Short Sword] and Archery [Self Bow and Composite Bow]) [2 pts], Night Vision [2 pts], Silent Movement (+1 bonus to Stealth while unarmored or in Light armor) [1 pt], Resistance to Sleep and Charm (+5 MDV vs. Compulsion and sleep-type Illusion effects) [4 pts], Secret Door Sense (May make a Perception + Awareness roll to detect nearby secret doors or passages) [1 pt]

  • Halfling [5 pts]: Acute Hearing (+1 bonus to hearing-based Awareness rolls) [1 pt], Master of Throwing Weapons (+1 bonus to Thrown rolls) [2 pts], Natural Climber (+1 to Athletics rolls for climbing) [1 pt], Small [+1 pt], Stubborn [+1 MDV) [2 pts]

  • Human [5 pts]: Favored (gain an extra Favored skill) [3 pts], Natural Learner (Charms and Spells only, -1 XP cost) [2 pts]. Humans also begin with 3 more dots of Skills.

  • Gnome [8 pts]: Acute Hearing (+1 bonus to hearing-based Awareness rolls) [1 pt], In the Shadow of the Trees (+2 bonus to Stealth rolls in forests) [2 pts], Master of Illusions (-1 to opponents' MDV to resist Illusion-keyword effects used by gnomes) [2 pts], Natural Brewers (+1 bonus to Craft [Water] rolls) [1 pts], Night Vision [2 pts], Small [+1 pt], The Bigger They Are (+1 bonus to hit and +1 DV vs. creatures with the Large [2 pts] mutation or bigger) [1 pt]

Elves are overpowered, but at least you have to pay for that power. The extra Favored skill, XP break, and bonus skills are probably the best way to represent human dynamism, which is usually the main D&D human trait. Note that Charms here would be just martial arts mostly, even though I did edit some of the martial arts I found to use non-combat abilities (Ride and Dodge are the two I can think of).

So, there's the basics! Here's a couple more for people who want to play crazy stuff:
  • Lizardfolk [12 pts]: Blade Proof [1 pt], Large Lungs [2 pts], Lethal Attack [3 pts], Natural Armor [4 pts], Natural Weapon x 2 [2 pts]

  • Tiefling [6 pts]: Cold Resistance [2 pts], Creature of Darkness [+4 pts], Dark Vision [2 pts], Electricity Resistance [2 pts], Fire Resistance [2 pts], Night Vision [2 pts]

I don't even know What else is out there. I haven't played D&D since AD&D 2e except on computers, so all this talk of the Kids These Days, with their shardminds and their shifters and their goliaths and their eladrins, is a mystery to me. It's not like Neverwinter Nights ever let you play any of those.  photo emot-raise.gif

Also, gnomes and tieflings should get special powers (tieflings causing darkness, gnomes talking to animals), but I'm not sure how to cost those and not willing to spend too much time figuring it out at the moment.

Since I've already got Warlords of the Mushroom Kingdom as my Exalted-rules-but-other-setting game, this thought exercise is probably as far as I'll ever go with this. If you really have a hankering to play D&D fantasy with d10 dice pools, I can point you at Dungeons and Darkness. The guy there has done more on his conversion than I'll almost certainly ever do on this one. And there's a post in that thread criticizing it for having wizards that are super overpowered and fighters that are useless, so you know it's emulating the source material! Heyo!
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marianlhmarianlh on September 29th, 2014 04:20 pm (UTC)
This is awesome. And my inner system nerd does want to play this, at least once.
dorchadasdorchadas on September 29th, 2014 10:57 pm (UTC)
Thank you!

I'm still plugging away at Warlords of the Mushroom Kingdom, and that at least will let me work out how much my "Runequest with dice pools" quip reflects real life. If it's true, I might end up with a new go-to fantasy RPG.

Still need to tweak grappling rules, though...