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20 September 2014 @ 10:35 am
Exalted 1e to 2e Spell conversions  
I suspect I'm a day late and a dollar short here what with Exalted 3e coming up, but as part of Warlords of the Mushroom Kingdom I've been going through some of my 1e books and finding spells that were never translated into 2e. I figured it was kind of doubtful that anyone else would be interested in them, but I've been seeing a few 1e threads pop up from time to time in the official Exalted forums, so I figured I'd put them up here for posterity and hopefully anyone who needs them will find them.

Manifestations of Vigorous Design
Cost: 5+m (committed)
Casting Time: Standard
Duration: Indefinite
Target: [Essence * 10] lbs of inanimate object
Keywords: Component, Obvious, Shaping, Touch

This spell allows a sorcerer to invest Essence into small, inanimate objects and give them the semblance of life. Objects animated by this spell can receive simple commands and will fulfill those commands to the best of their ability. The nature of an object defines its abilities and dictates what it might be commanded to do. A broom can be commanded to sweep, a table to walk behind its owner, a toy soldier to march, or a ball to bounce.

The sorcerer may animate any object she touches simply by invoking this spell and committing 5 motes of Essence. She can animate any simple, nonmechanical object weighing no more than 10 pounds per point of permanent Essence she possesses. The object glows with a bright yellow light for a moment, and then, it begins to move about.

The animated object has Physical Attributes equal to one dot per every five pounds it weighs, rounding up. An animated object has other Attributes at one dot each. It will also have one Ability of the caster’s choosing at a rating equal to the caster’s permanent Essence, but it cannot be higher than the caster’s rating in the Ability. The caster may choose at the time of casting to spend an additional 5 motes of Essence and give the object an additional Ability at the same rating as her permanent Essence.

Alternately, the sorcerer can spend additional Essence to give that object a specialty of +1 in its Ability or to increase an Attribute by one dot. No more than 20 motes of Essence can be spent in this manner. All Abilities granted to an animated object must have something in common with the object’s design and intent. Shovels can dig, brushes can paint or write, and boxes can open or close. An object with legs can walk or run, follow and even be ridden. Weapons most often are granted the Melee Ability. Pens or chalk can be granted the Linguistics Ability. Characters should work out with their Storyteller exactly what Abilities can be granted to an object.

Unless otherwise interrupted, an object animated by Manifestations of Vigorous Design will continue with its last command until the sorcerer removes her committed Essence or the object is completely destroyed.

Shedding the Serpent's Skin
Cost: 10+m
Casting Time: Instant
Duration: One action per 5 Essence.
Target: Self
Keywords: None

This spell may be cast with a reflexive Shape Sorcery action taking 0 ticks, and may be used defensively in Step 2 of combat resolution. When the spell is completed, the sorcerer becomes invisible and leaves a copy of their body behind for the duration of the spell. The copy looks completely identical to the caster, but doesn't move and takes no defensive actions. The copy crumbles to dust when it takes any damage at all, but the invisibility lasts for the spell's duration. The sorcerer receives two bonus successes to Stealth rolls they make while the spell is active, as per normal for invisibility.

Stalwart Earth Guardian
Cost: 15m (committed)
Casting Time: 15 minutes
Duration: Indefinite
Target: [Essence] * 10 yard radius
Keywords: Component, Environmental, Obvious

This spell is cast as a dramatic action that takes fifteen minutes, during which time the sorcerer walks the perimeter of the territory they wish to defend. When the spell is complete, the earth itself will rise to defend the sorcerer and anyone else within the spell's range while it is cast. The sorcerer must be on natural earth or stone, or the spell fails.

For as long as the sorcerer remains within the spell's radius, the earth itself will target anyone who attempts to enter with waves of stone, sharped spikes underfoot, quicksand, and other hazards. Treat this as Environmental damage with the following statistics: [Essence * 2]B/Action, Trauma: [Essence/2]. In addition to the damage, it's impossible for intruders to approach the camp stealthily unless they have concealing magic of their own. Those within the boundary—including any intruders who breach the barrier—gain a 5L/5B soak bonus as the earth interposes itself against attacks.

Any structures within the area can be protected, but the movements of the earth will probably undermine them and will certainly not endear the sorcery to anyone who lives nearby.

I've got a few more, but I don't want to make this post longer than it is already.
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