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10 July 2014 @ 06:49 pm
Warlords of the Mushroom Kingdom: Exalted version  
I've been doing a lot of work with Exalted lately--also, I just bought thirty icosahedral d10s--and in order to get this out of my head, I'm writing it down. I'm not necessarily planning to hurl everything out the window and redo the system (at least, not yet), but I wanted to see if I could map the characteristics of various races from Warlords of the Mushroom Kingdom to Exalted, using the mutations from Revlid's Mutation Revision. You can find all the fluff in my other blog posts or in that link, so I won't repeat them here. Just the mechanics.

  • Amanita (Cost: 0): Camouflage x2 (underground and foliage) [4 pts], Herbalist (+2 to Craft or Survival rolls with crops or herbs) [2 pts], Natural Armor [2 pts]

  • Chuzan (Cost: 0): Enhanced Hearing x2 [2 pt], Enhanced Smell x2 [2 pts], Hyper-Awareness [2 pts], Light Touch (+2 bonus to pick locks, disarm traps, or other mechanical tasks) [2 pt]

  • Human (Cost: 2): Complete Spirit Sense [1 pt], Favored (gain an extra Favored skill) [3 pts], Spirit Sense [6 pts]

  • Kappa (Cost: 5): Blade Proof [1 pt], Climate Sensitivity (Cold) [-2 pts], Large [1 pt], Lethal Attack [3 pts], Limb Regeneration [2 pts], Natural Armor [2 pts], Natural Plating [4 pts], Natural Weapon x 2 [2 pts]

  • Mandragora (Cost: 2): Charm Mutation (Essence Plethora: +10 Essence Pool) [5 pts], Distant Communcation [4 pts], Silent Communication (Limit--must spend Willpower to bond target first) [2 pts]

  • Mycon (Cost: 0): Lethal Attack (Claws) [2 pts], Natural Armor [3 pts], Natural Weapon [1 pt], Night Vision [2 pts], Small [-1 pt], Toxic Attack (Damage --, Toxicity 1, Tolerance --, Penalty -1, Effect -1 internal penalty to physical actions as a Crippling effect) [1 pt]

  • Raptok (Cost: 2): Extended Arms (Tongue) [2 pts], Fast (Running) [2 pts], Large [2 pts], Lethal Attack [3 pts], Natural Armor [4 pts], Natural Weapon x 3 [3 pts], No Opposable Thumbs [-6 pts]

  • Silent Ones (Cost: 4): Charm Mutation (Dematerialize into the Dreamlands through reflective surface) [4 pts], Charm Mutation (Dreamspeak) [2 pts], Lucid Dreaming [4 pts], Poker Face [2 pts]

The costs were determined by taking the minimum cost to play any of them (8), and then hacking that off the cost of all of them. I had to make a couple judgement calls, like with the Mandragora's affinity for sorcery and with basically everything the Silent Ones can do, but Revlid's rules do allow for mutations that are "You have a charm," so I dumpster-dived through the Spirit Charms and fiddled with them a bit.

I could even come up with some others:

  • Kong (Cost: 2): Ambidextrous [1 pt], Enhanced Brachiation (+2 to Athletics rolls in trees) [2 pts], Large [1 pt], Omnidextrous [2 pts], Wall-Crawler [2 pts], Superior Soak [2 pts]

  • Kremling (Cost: 3): Large Lungs [2 pts], Lethal Attack (Claws) [2 pts], Natural Armor [2 pts], Natural Weapon x 1 [1 pt], Superior Tolerance [4 pts]

  • Pidgit-Folk (Cost: 0): Enhanced Sense (Sight) [3 pts], Fast (Flying) [2 pts], Flier (Wings) [4 pts], Fragile [-3 pts], Lethal Attack (Bite) [2 pts]

Maybe this does deserve extra thought.
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