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28 June 2014 @ 11:41 am
What a horrible nightmare  

I was living in a house with a bunch of other men. Like a college situation, almost, but I didn't have a sense that there was a university attached, or really of anything outside the house. I also didn't know any of the men in real life, though I did in that dream, in the dream way where the odd or out of place seems ordinary.

The main focus of the dream was someone who looked like softlykarou, but pretty much the whole dream I was firmly convinced that she wasn't really softlykarou. I can't point to any specific thing she did or said that would have led to that conclusion, though. Other than her trying to steal all of our phones.

I don't remember most of the middle--I'm a bit astonished I remember any of this at all, since I almost never remember my dreams. The main thing I remember was at the end when we confronted her.

The front area of the house we lived in has turned into the front of the old Dominick's on Broadway, so there were people doing their shopping while I told the softlykarougänger that if she left and never came back, we would not call the police. She didn't have the contemptuous, superior expression that she had before we caught her, and which I've only seen on the real softlykarou during an RPG session. She was crying, and asking me how I could treat her this way, and if I could be so mean to her, what did that say about my relationship with the real softlykarou? And in response, I dropped the stolen phones that we have recovered, called her a thief and a liar, and ordered her to get out.

And then I woke up. It was genuinely horrifying. I wish I remembered more in the middle, because I know there was a build-up where we discovered the softlykarougänger was fake and confronted her about it, and I know I had some conversations with the other people in the house, but I don't remember any of the content. I just woke up with the last scene playing through my head and the feeling that I had been very unkind to softlykarou. Fortunately, she just laughed when I told her about it.

I think the lesson I can take from this is that I would be just as conflicted as anyone else in a pod people scenario.

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