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17 June 2014 @ 07:28 pm
[Exalted minus Exalted] "Physical Conflict" and getting rid of flurries  
One of the things that annoys me about Exalted is the way that they implemented a time-based combat resolution system and then left the old system of multiple actions still in with flurries. That's never really sat well with me, and I've considered trying to figure out how to remove them for a while, but I've never put much thought into it because I've got other gaming things I'm doing at the moment like the Flight of the Phoenix game softlykarou is running, so I put it on the list of things I needed to get around to at some point and let it sit.

And then today, while I was looking for more sorcery and necromancy so I could make a unified list of all the spells for splitting into sorcerous brotherhoods, I found this thread.

It's not that long and you can read it there, but the upshot is that it basically still allows multiple attacks in a round at an increasing penalty to defense, but only against separate opponents, and all figured from a single attack roll. That keeps the ability for heroes to mow down groups of mooks while preventing multiple rolls with huge dice pools in a single action while everyone else checks their phones.

There are some problems this leads to that are mentioned in the thread, like single attacks being easy to Perfect away, leading to Celestial vs. Celestial battles that last for days as each attacks and blocks as they run around the landscape, but 1) thematically, that's awesome. The "warriors who fight for days before realizing they are evenly matched and then become friends" is an ancient and honorable trope and now it's possible in the system, but 2) it doesn't matter because this is Exalted minus Exalted! I don't have to worry about Charm interactions or Perfects blocking everything or mote pools because it's mostly mortals and God-blooded don't have Perfects anyway.

This also prevents mortals from alpha striking each other down with flurries, which was something I was kind of worried about. Infection rules and healing times means Exalted combat is brutal enough as it is.

The one thing I'm tempted to do is to compare a single attack against each target's DV and soak separately, since otherwise this just perpetuates the "commanders wearing their units as pants" problem that Exalted mass combat has into small-scale skirmish combat as well. That would increase the workload, but just for me, and I'm pretty sure comparing one roll against multiple enemies' stats is easier than comparing multiple rolls against multiple enemies' stats.

It would need some testing to make sure it actually did make combat work better, but my initial impression is good.
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