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26 May 2014 @ 12:54 pm
Mel comes to visit!  
I'm not going to write a blow-by-blow account of it, but melishus_b came to visit us this weekend! We went to the Field Museum's biomechanics exhibit, a party a friend had on the beach, the Art Institute of Chicago with the goal of seeking out their arms and armor collection, a bunch of great restaurants, we walked around Andersonville and went to a bunch of shops, and test-drove melishus_b's Game of Thrones hack of the Guillotine card game, which I think is actually a lot better than the regular Guillotine game and would be amazing if IP issues wouldn't shut it down any attempt to sell it in seconds. There's a lot more card interactions, for one, and ways for the players to affect each other instead of mostly just rearranging the order of the line.

Huh, looking on the Art Institute's website to find the page for the shoji screens that we saw and there's a lot of stuff we missed that I really want to go see. When the Greeks Ruled Egypt? Chicagoisms? I need to see those!

Nothing else at the moment, just a quick entry after a nice weekend. (^_^)v
Current Mood: happyhappy
Current Music: Chipzel - Menacing Wonders (feat. Manami Matsumae)