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12 May 2014 @ 06:14 pm
Graduation Time!  
Not mine, softlykarou's. After three years of schooling, on Wednesday she finally got her Education Specialist degree and is now fully qualified. Yay!

...well, other than having to finish out her internship. She mentioned that even though she was graduating, it didn't feel like much because she had to wake up and go to work the next morning. There's only a couple weeks of school left, after which she has to find something to do during the summer so she won't go insane, and then we'll be a DINK household once again.

I was surprised at how short the ceremony was, probably because I was remembering the enormous production that was my own graduation. It wasn't a general ceremony, though--it was just for the School of Education--so there were only about a hundred people there and the whole thing took maybe an hour and a half. The speaker was some guy from somewhere who gave a speech whose impact on me you can probably tell by how well I remember who he was. I was honestly a lot more affected by the way the announcer kept saying magnum cum laude instead of magna cum laude. It's petty and stupid and it annoyed me way out of proportion to the severity of the offence.

softlykarou has an official hood now, which she's occasionally been wearing as proof that she's equivalent to Superman. Sadly, it's not structured the right way for her to wear it as a wizard's cowl.

She'll probably be going back for a Doctorate in Education, but that's a question we'll deal with in a year or so. In the meantime, yay!

P.S.: 祭 (matsuri) isn't really the proper Japanese for this--graduation ceremony is 卒業式 (sotsugyou shiki)--but damned if I'm going to split tags that finely.
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