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31 March 2014 @ 08:13 pm
My cousin's wedding in Seattle  
I haven't been to that many weddings. I might have had an inflated image of how many other people attended when I was younger, but it seemed like I would always hear people talking about going to this or that relative's wedding, but I was the oldest cousin and no one in my parents' generation that we were close to got divorced, so the very first wedding I ever went to was when I was in university and the first wedding of a family member I went to was my own. My cousin's wedding last weekend was the second.

Well, I guess it wasn't technically a wedding. My cousin is Mormon, and the actual ceremony took place in a local temple and wasn't open to most of the guests, so what I went to was the "ring ceremony" and reception afterward. It was pretty short: the bride, groom, bridesmaids and groomsmen walked up, my aunt and uncle gave the invocation, the bishop gave a five-minute speech, the couple exchanged rings, and everone filed out. Cue reception.

Apparently, Mormon receptions are typically potlucks, but my cousin kind of went halfway and had food catered but it was pretty casual. Hummus and small sandwiches, beef and bell peppers, tons of cheese, fruit plates, and so on. Frankly, it was one of the best wedding feasts I've ever had, and I include my wedding in that--I honestly don't even remember what we ate at my wedding, other than having cheesecake instead of traditional wedding cake.

One cute point is that my cousin made up a reception schedule with times listed for the father/daughter dance, the bouquet toss, and so on. She was apparently thinking of people who wanted to stay for the cake and leave after, or who didn't care about the first dances, and so would want to know when things were so they could plan where they would be when they happened. It does make sense, I admit.

In addition to the wedding, I also got to see t3chnomag3 and melishus_b, which was definitely a highlight of the trip. t3chnomag3, softlykarou and I went to Pike's Market and Piroshky Piroshky (which sadly didn't agree with softlykarou), the Seattle Aquarium, lunch at a place that t3chnomag3 knew of, SAM, and then we had to go to the surprise rehearsal dinner that we hadn't known about until the previous evening. We only had time for brunch with melishus_b because the wedding was the same day, but she drove up from Federal Way--for which I give her props, after seeing all the construction everywhere and how LOVELY Seattle traffic is--and took us to Lot No. 3, which was fantastic. They had candied bacon on the menu, which was nothing like I would have expected it to be, and a pickled pear salad with enough goat cheese to drive a goat into a homicidal rage. melishus_b had some pulled pork benedict with sauce that was rich enough for Croesus. I know it's not that useful a recommendation for most of the people reading it, but I can recommend it if you're ever in the Bellvue area. Om nom nom.

It rained every day, of course. Including the wedding, but my cousin had planned ahead and set up a tent outside. As we say in Japanese, "さすがシアトル!"
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