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08 October 2013 @ 07:23 pm
Programming Class Week 0  
I typically like to use the kanji for my tags even if there's a kana equivalent, just because I think it looks more elegant, but sometimes I just don't have a choice because the kana version is far, far more common than the kanji one. Computer programming is one such tag.

So yesterday I started that programming class I mentioned a few months ago. Well, it's not actually the same class, since the original one that I wanted to take ended up being removed or vanishing for no obvious reason, but the new one might be a better fit for maintaining my interest. It's all about using Python for programming games. This week is "Week 0" and so I basically don't have to do anything--my assignment is to submit a program that's one line--but at least it's giving me a nice intro into the format of a Coursera class and what exactly to expect.

There's a custom implementation of Python they built to make it easy to submit programs you can play around with here if you want.
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