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02 March 2011 @ 02:44 am
Well, it's not actually a green sky, because I modded it away.

I've been playing a lot of heavily-modded Fallout 3 lately (and somewhat neglecting both my Japanese studying and working on my novel). Last time I played, my game got more and more unstable as I went on, eventually reaching the point where it was crashing literally every 30 seconds if I was outdoors. I'm 40 hours in now and it crashes about once an hour--sometimes more frequently, sometimes less. That's actually pretty good, and if I can keep that level of stability I'll have no complaints.

Active Mod Files:
00 Fallout3.esm
01 Anchorage.esm
02 ThePitt.esm
03 StreetLights.esm
04 BrokenSteel.esm
05 PointLookout.esm
06 Zeta.esm
07 Lings.esm
08 Unofficial Fallout 3 Patch.esm [Version 1.2.0]
09 LingsDLC.esm
0A Inventory Access.esm
0B IMCN.esm
0C CRAFT.esm
0D CALIBR.esm [Version 1.4]
0E TheInstitute.esm
0F Vault 101 Revisited.esm
10 CubeExperimental (EN).esm
11 Mothership Crew.esm
12 BridgeTown.esm
13 EVE.esm
14 FO3 Wanderers Edition - Main File.esm
15 Mart's Mutant Mod.esm
16 LingsFinerThings.esm
17 Companion Core.esm
18 Wasteland Whisperer v2.esm
19 Enhanced Weather - Rain and Snow.esm
1A Xepha's Dynamic Weather.esm
1B DCInteriors_ComboEdition.esm
1C Zumbs' Overhauled Real Time Security.esm
1D Ambient Temperature.esm
1E Unofficial Fallout 3 Patch - Operation Anchorage.esp [Version 1.2.0]
1F Unofficial Fallout 3 Patch - The Pitt.esp [Version 1.2.0]
20 Unofficial Fallout 3 Patch - Broken Steel.esp [Version 1.2.0]
21 Unofficial Fallout 3 Patch - Point Lookout.esp [Version 1.2.0]
22 Unofficial Fallout 3 Patch - Mothership Zeta.esp [Version 1.2.0]
++ BrokenSteel_StarPaladinCross_Fix.esp
23 DarNifiedUIF3.esp
24 Ambient Temperature HUD.esp
25 Ambient Temperature - OA.esp
26 StreetLights - Wasteland.esp
27 TakingOutTheTrash.esp
28 TOTTPointLookoutEdition.esp [Version 1.0]
29 CASM.esp
2A Overhead3PCamera.esp
2B People_Radio.esp
2C mutantradio.esp
2D LookoutRadio.esp
2E RadioTenpenny.esp
2F CONELRAD 640-1240.esp
30 HamadaRadioStation.esp
31 Existence2.0.esp
32 UPP - Experience Perks.esp
33 Ex Libris - PreWar Book Titles.esp
34 Dree Perks.esp
35 Dree Perks Anchorage.esp
36 Dree Perks Pitts.esp
37 Dree Perks Broken Steel.esp
38 Dree Perks Point Lookout.esp
39 Dree Perks Mothership Zeta.esp
3A Slayer Of Grelok.esp
3B XtraSPECIAL.esp
3C NotSoFast.esp
3D HeirApparent.esp
3E IntoTheDeepWoods.esp
3F PLweightadjust.esp
40 PLFewerItems.esp
41 Regulators.esp
42 Scavenger World.esp
43 BoSPatrols.esp
44 HouseholdWaterPurifier.esp
45 Followers Allowed - The Pitt.esp
++ Followers Allowed - Mothership Zeta.esp
46 Followers Allowed - Point Lookout.esp
47 BlackWolf Backpack.esp
48 BlackWolf Backpack - Vendor Script Replenish.esp
49 BlackWolf Backpack - Blank's Container Patch.esp
4A D.C. Confidential with Glow.esp
4B MoreMapMarkers.esp
4C MaxLevelWorkaround-HP-BS.esp
4D NoKnockedOverComments.esp
4E MTC Wasteland Travellers.esp
4F MTC Wasteland Travellers (Optional)- Crowded Cities.esp
50 Point Lookout Lower Health.esp
++ VaultSuitBetterRearsForFemales.esp
51 UndergroundHideout.esp
52 DCInteriors_DLC_Collectables.esp
53 More2Megaton.esp
54 GreenWorld.esp
55 Meresti Metro Station Entrance.esp
56 FO3 Wanderers Edition - Main File.esp
57 FO3 Wanderers Edition - DLC Anchorage.esp
58 FO3 Wanderers Edition - DLC The Pitt.esp
59 FO3 Wanderers Edition - DLC Broken Steel.esp
5A FO3 Wanderers Edition - DLC Point Lookout.esp
5B FO3 Wanderers Edition - DLC Mothership Zeta.esp
5C FO3 Wanderers Edition - Alternate Travel.esp
5D FO3 Wanderers Edition - Followers Enhanced (BrokenSteel).esp
++ FO3 Wanderers Edition - Optional Restore Tracers (automatics only).esp
5E Refurbish [OA] - FWE.esp
5F Refurbish [TP].esp
60 Refurbish [BS].esp
61 Refurbish [PL].esp
62 Refurbish [MZ].esp
63 WeaponModKits.esp
64 WeaponModKits - FWE Master Release.esp
65 WeaponModKits - OperationAnchorage.esp
66 WeaponModKits - ThePitt.esp
67 WeaponModKits - BrokenSteel.esp
68 WeaponModKits - PointLookout.esp
69 WeaponModKits - Zeta.esp
++ WeaponModKits - FWE Talon Loot Crash Fix.esp
++ Echo_UseBothGloves.esp
6A SolarScorcher.esp
6B Colossus Armor.esp
++ colossus T51c.esp
6C COL Enclave VER2.esp
6D Powered Power Armor.esp
6E PPA - Operation Anchorage.esp
6F PPA - Broken Steel.esp
70 PPA - The Pitt.esp
71 PPA - Mothership Zeta.esp
++ PPA - IMCN.esp
72 NAPA.esp
73 GhostArmor HGEC - Conversion.esp
74 RealFragGrenade3.esp
75 DeadlyTurrets.esp
++ ZORTS - Content Destruction - Normal.esp
++ ZORTS - Custom HP - FWE.esp
76 ZORTS - Disable FWE activate.esp
77 Companion Core DLC Addon.esp
78 Wasteland Whisperer v2 Broken Steel Addon.esp
79 EVE.esp
7A EVE Operation Anchorage.esp
7B EVE - FWE Master Release.esp
++ EVE - FWE Master Release (pulse fix).esp
++ EVE - FWE Master Release (Follower Enhanced).esp
++ EVE Anchorage - FWE DLC Anchorage.esp
++ EVE - FWE with WeaponModKits.esp
7C Mart's Mutant Mod.esp
7D Mart's Mutant Mod - DLC Anchorage.esp
7E Mart's Mutant Mod - DLC The Pitt.esp
7F Mart's Mutant Mod - DLC Broken Steel.esp
++ Mart's Mutant Mod - DLC Point Lookout.esp
80 Mart's Mutant Mod - DLC Zeta.esp
81 Mart's Mutant Mod - FWE Master Release.esp
++ Mart's Mutant Mod - FWE Master Release + DLCs.esp
82 LingsFinerThings.esp
83 LingsPrettyThings.esp
84 Mystyk's Followers.esp
85 Imp's More Complex Needs.esp
86 IMCN - 5 DLC Merged.esp
87 IMCN - FWE Compatibility and Ingestibles.esp
88 IMCN - MMM Meats, Bloods, and Eyeballs.esp
89 IMCN - Ambient Temperature.esp
8A Flashlight-LOS.esp
8B MZC Addon - MZC-IMCN Patch.esp
8C MZC Addon - Gear Improv-All in One.esp
8D MZC Addon-Olympus Armory (forecefield).esp
8E Attentater's Wasteland Economy.esp
8F KillableChildren.esp [Version 1.5]
90 KillableChildren - MMM.esp [Version 1.5]
91 Knight Finley Companion.esp
92 NoTheftComments.esp
93 Whose been sleeping in my Bed.esp
94 Realistic Interior Lighting.esp
95 Realistic Interior Lighting - BS.esp
96 Realistic Interior Lighting - OA.esp
97 Realistic Interior Lighting - PL.esp
98 Xepha's Dynamic Weather - Main.esp
99 Xepha's Dynamic Weather - Anchorage.esp
9A Xepha's Dynamic Weather - The Pitt.esp
9B Xepha's Dynamic Weather - Broken Steel.esp
9C Xepha's Dynamic Weather - Point Lookout.esp
9D Xepha's Dynamic Weather - Rain.esp
9E Xepha's Dynamic Weather - Sandstorm.esp
9F Xepha's Dynamic Weather - Dynamic Sneak Bonus.esp
A0 Xepha's Dynamic Weather - Green Tint Remover.esp
A1 Xepha's Dynamic Weather - Sandstorms Damage Armor.esp
A2 tubunarFWE.esp
A3 tubunarCombatFWE.esp
A4 Bashed Patch, 0.esp
A5 RI_Sleep2.esp

148 total

I also effectively have a mod for two perks every level (to take advantage of all the mod-added perks I've got), but the only one I found that did that was bugged to hell so I just console another one in instead.

For anyone who's interested, I'll be happy to explain what any or all of those do.

I've also been working on/playing my Fallout PnP adaptation using ORE. As I (think I) said in a previous post, I'm running softlykarou through the plot of the original Fallout, which she has never played. It's been going well so far, though it's mostly been sticking to the plot of the game. Her character just joined the Brotherhood of Steel, and I'm planning on doing a bit more with that than the original game does (where being a member is basically "Hi, I'm here to take all your tech and then leave for months on end. Well, later!"). softlykarou is having a lot of fun, at least partially because she has a lot better luck in ORE than she does in White Wolf games.

I'm having a lot of fun tinkering with the system. I'm about at the point where I should start making things up (and marking them as made up), to provide some surprises for people who have played Fallout. It's not entirely my work--the basic stuff was developed by a guy on the RPG.net forums, who graciously agreed to share it with me--but I've been expanding it a lot. It makes me want to run it for a group, though I'd obviously need to make up my own plot then.

Last Sunday was the Yaenishi Bunkasai, and followed the tradition of similar local bunkasais in the past. Some people did karaoke, there were several exhibitions of hula dancing (called "Flower dances" in Japanese. They're inexplicably popular here), a story accompanied by pictures (there's a Japanese word for it, but I can't remember it Edit: 紙芝居 kamishibai, literally "paper play"), and, of course, the children doing a kagura performance of the first part of the story of Tamamo-no-Mae.

Our local eikaiwa (introduced as ジョイフルチーム, "Joyful team," though softlykarou and I both think they should have gone with "Hug my satsuma" based on a fondly-remembered screw-up during a game of telephone. Our students recited the story of the Three Little Pigs in English while softlykarou and I provided a translation in the local dialect of Japanese, which is pretty different than standard. I won't bother putting in a list of the differences unless people ask, but suffice to say that when softlykarou was practicing at school, her teachers kept telling her parts were wrong because they, in the immortal works of rednecks the world over, "aren't from 'round here."

It's hard to believe we're only here for five more months. Chiyoda is probably my favorite place to have lived, ever. Still, if all goes well, we'll be back to Japan. And this time, we'll be able to understand everything. :p
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Ashley <3ashiri_chan on March 2nd, 2011 04:43 pm (UTC)

April 6th - 13th. Though, our flight leaves the 6ths, so we'd get there the 7th. I think our flight will get in around 3pm.

We're staying here: http://www.sumisho-hotel.co.jp/english/
q99q99 on March 3rd, 2011 07:14 am (UTC)
Mmm, fallout.

It's hard to believe we're only here for five more months. Chiyoda is probably my favorite place to have lived, ever. Still, if all goes well, we'll be back to Japan. And this time, we'll be able to understand everything. :p-

I've always wanted some mobile house like an airship that moves between areas I like...