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30 December 2010 @ 03:48 am
Holiday travel  
We spent Christmas with some friends down on Innoshima, which looks nearly the same as Chiyoda if you ignore the ocean. After forgetting my laptop back in Hiroshima, returning to get it, coming back and nearly falling asleep on the bus and ending up in Shikoku, the rest of the weekend proceeded quite smoothly. Christmas dinner especially was excellent--my favorite part was the vegetable quiche-like dish, though I don't remember its actual ingredients so I can't really give any hint of how to replicate it here. The chicken was good as well, stuffed with lemon but otherwise unseasoned. There was some kind of cheesy cauliflower dish, but I'm not a fan of cauliflower so I didn't eat it. The gluten-free lemon cheesecake was also amazing, and I kind of regretted eating so much chicken because I couldn't eat any more than a single slice of cheesecake.

We also watched a couple movies. One was Miracle on 34th Street, which I had never seen, and I guess technically I still haven't because I was starving halfway through (dinner was at about 3 p..m) so I walked out to the conbini to get some food. As it was a 20 minute walk, I missed everything after the Santa guy gets committed. The other movie we saw was Muppet Christmas Carol, which is probably my favorite Christmas movie (if I could be said to have one) of all time.

Maybe the most memorable part was on the way back from getting my laptop. I had gotten off at the first stop, 10 minutes from the bus center, and ridden the subway back. The problem was, the ticket to Innoshima cost \2000, and I didn't want to buy another one after I had barely used the one I had. So what did I do? Well...I gaijin smashed it. When the guy on the next bus stepped off, I stepped forward (about a head taller than him) and thrust the ticket at him. He took it reflexively, with a somewhat dazed look on his face, and stamped it, so I bowed slightly to him and got on the bus. Of course, due to the aforementioned nearly missing my stop, it didn't all turn out so smooth in the end, but that's 2000円 I can spent on buta kimchi cup noodles instead of another ticket.
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