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23 February 2009 @ 11:49 pm
So I had my demonstration class  
It seemed to go pretty well. My worst fear (running out of stuff to teach and frantically having to improvise) didn't materialize. I actually went a couple minutes over as a large chunk of my session ended up being devoted to giving a background on the history of Israel, because the class wasn't really familiar with it. They're supposed to get back to me later this week. I didn't ask what I could have improved on at the end, which was a mistake, but hopefully not a bad one. I also had to explain things like "by the same token" and "to finger" (in the sense of "to blame" or "to point out"), rather than stuff like "imprimatur." I suppose that's because single, non-metaphorically-used words are easy to look up in the dictionary. One of the students from our adult class sent me an e-mail asking the meaning of "to chug" (Sentence: "But the research has been quietly chugging along for decades"). She looked it up and got the other colloquial meaning and was really confused.

Sunday was the neighborhood 文化祭>bunkasai (cultural festival). Our children's English class sang two songs there, and I got to conduct. It's a good thing I had my band experience to draw back on! They did pretty well, considering most of them only know what English we've taught them and what they've picked up from popular culture. The other acts were mostly karaoke, Hawai'ian-style dancing (called "Flower dancing" in the program), traditional Japanese dancing, and one group of 15 women who played a couple songs on massed koto. It ended with a children's kagura performance of the first part of Tamamo no Mae by a group of the neighborhood children (and in which the part of the kitsune was played by the most incorrigible of our students, to our great amusement). We also had to go up and give a quick self-introduction. We did our best in Japanese, but at the end we had to switch to English and have someone translate (when he asked "Why do you stay out here in the country in Chiyoda?"). It was neat. :)
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Michaelping816 on February 23rd, 2009 03:04 pm (UTC)
You conducted a group of children singing? Please tell me there is photographic evidence :-D
Ashley <3: KH - Let's Goashiri_chan on February 23rd, 2009 10:51 pm (UTC)
So, I left a message on Rachel's LJ last week cuz I can't seem to find you guys online ever :( and then no one got back to me, oh noes!

I booked our flight to Osaka for the morning of the 7th, which puts us in at Osaka airport at 4:30 pm on the 8th. I'm sure it would take us a couple hours to get to the shinkansen station and then to Hiroshima, so I guess we'd be there by 7pm-ish? Did you happen to look up train times at all? *curious*

So, let me know that this is all okay. Yay! Excited!