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25 December 2008 @ 01:12 am
Been a long time  
But I have an update now.

Yesterday ago was the bonenkai (end of the year party) for our adult eikaiwa at Funky Tonky, the restaurant I've mentioned in here a ton of times. It was neat--the food was a nice taste of home (sort of--cheese fondue, bouillaibaisse, pot pie, and no rice or soup and only one dish involving fish), and I got to explain to people why English spelling and pronunciation often have very little to do with each other (answer: it all made perfect sense when we spoke Old English). We also talked about the difference between British English, American English, Irish English, and so on, and I got some very confused looks when I demonstrated some Irish to them. One of our students also jumped the gun and brought a speech about sumo (next lesson's topic, along with sports in general). I was originally thinking about asking him to save it, especially since last class he used our beginning "what have you done since last we met" everyone talks English time to give a sales pitch about a product his wife's company was making, but really, it's getting him to speak English, and that's the important part. Also, it's possible that said product was being sold to raise money for a hospital--Sunada-san's English isn't the greatest, so it was a bit hard to tell.

Tonight was the children's eikaiwa's Christmas party, which mostly involved sitting around an eating. As they aren't as good at English, there was much less conversation, though we did learn that there's some sort of local fire festival on the 11th of January, and that there's another kagura performance on the 22nd of February and Ueda-san (whose idea this class was) wants the students to sing Edelweiss before the actual kagura performances start.

As a side note, we got a kagura pamphlet explaining the classic performances in English (though the one I just found has magically become Japanese somehow), including several of the ones we saw back in October. Three of them at least told the story of Tamamo-no-mae, and they're much more interesting now that I have a better idea what was actually going on (though I guessed most of it--kagura doesn't have extensive dialogue).

Tomorrow we have the Kaminakas over for dinner, and the day after we leave for four days in Kyōto. As stuff is happening now, I'll try to update more often.

Still no job, but prospects are increasing.
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