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28 August 2008 @ 10:04 pm
How do restaurants make any money in this town?  
So, we were planning on going to kaitenzushi for my birthday, but it never actually happened because it was closed. Why, I have no idea. The hours on the door said that it was open from 1100 to 2100. There was a paper taped to the inside of the door, with something on it about May 25 and a bunch of other kanji I couldn't read that might have explained why it was closed, but... We thought it might have been closed on weekends, and softlykarou confirmed that with Yamasaki-san, so we tried going back today...except it's still closed. Now I'm wondering if it was closed for renovations or something? No idea...

I'm also annoyed because we were going to go to Funky Talky instead, but that was closed too, so we ended up getting sushi from the sushi counter at the supermarket and eating that. It was about as expensive as eating out would be and we still have leftovers for tomorrow. The yakiniku restaurant we went to instead of kaitenzushi was open (we saw people going in), but since that was the last place we went, we decided not to go there.

I really wish that restaurants would post their hours on door--or, for the ones that do, I wish they'd actually be open during those hours :-p
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Jnytesenvy on August 28th, 2008 04:25 pm (UTC)
i know! all the restaurants in town are secretly fronts for the yakuza to launder money though. therefore they don't actually HAVE to make money....