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26 August 2008 @ 04:57 pm
Half our trash didn't get taken  
Today was nonburnables collection day. Alone among the developed world, Japan burns around 80% of its trash. There's separate bags for a bunch of stuff (one city, population 3,600, has 44 categories O.o)--burnables, nonburnables, PET bottles, glass, hazardous stuff, etc.

We put out two bags. One of them got taken, the other didn't. We originally figured that there might be a problem, like that we had put things in the wrong place. Except apparently if you do that, the trash collectors slap a big red "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA no" sticker on the bag, and there definitely wasn't one of those there. There was an old razor blade, which we took to do hazardous disposal with, but that was it. Yamasaki-san opined that they simply might have not had enough room...but if so that bag will be sitting out there for two weeks.

Ah well. It's a ways from our house, and as far as we can tell we didn't really do anything wrong.
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