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27 July 2008 @ 08:21 pm
Today is the longest day of my life  
Literally. By the time I go to bed, it'll have been 39 hours between when the sun rose on my location and when the sun set on it. 14 hours flights are not my friend at all. It went better than I expected, though, mostly because the DS battery improbably lasted six hours (yay FFIV remake!) and because I managed to sleep, at least for a bit. Still...it was exhausting. And going outside and hearing lots of people talk, but mostly being unable to understand a word, is surprisingly tiring as well. I understood more of our waitresses' talk than I expected (I got the amount of yen we owned, though it didn't matter whether I understood it since it was on the check anyway), but still not even enough to do a rough translation. Just bits and pieces here and there, and some stuff I got the context of even though I didn't understand any of the words (like, "This plate is really fucking hot, don't touch it," but the plate had a paper wall around it and was steaming like crazy, so that was obvious).

The hotel is in Shinjuku, roughly a block from all the little shops with the neon lights. softlykarou and I ate in a small restaurant about a block in and a floor down, which we selected because it had pictures on the menus and (vague) English descriptions. The food was pretty good--meat brought out uncooked on a sizzling platter so we had the option to decide when to eat it (sort of a pseudo-sukiyaki, I guess) with rice, pronounced "raisu" for reasons which I am unclear on (the usual Japanese word for cooked rice is "gohan"). We were going to go to a ramen stand, but it was quite a ways away and we're pretty tired.

The view from the hotel is great--looking out I can see a bunch of skyscrapers, cars moving around, the entrance to the maze of streets we went to and more. I wish I was a bit less tired so I could enjoy it.

Obviously, we made it safely in. Thanks everyone for your good wishes!

Edit: Also, going to google.com takes me to google.co.jp. Guess I'll use Google UK for the time being.
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Brian Walgrenuriany on July 27th, 2008 03:00 pm (UTC)
take pictures so we can live vicariously through you and your exploits!!

good luck guys
Jnytesenvy on July 27th, 2008 03:28 pm (UTC)
yeah, i second what he said. get yourself a paid flickr account...its like 50 bucks for two years of unlimited online storage (which means you dont have to worry about hard drives crashing and losing everything) and we can check your photo stream :)
Kathouse_of_bone on July 27th, 2008 04:54 pm (UTC)
I'm glad you two made it safely! Indeed, I can't wait to see pictures.