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08 June 2008 @ 11:15 am
UFO Defense!  
First weird dream I've remembered in a while.

I was a member of XCom, from the computer game of the same name. As part of my training, I was going through a test to determine my ability to pick aliens from humans when the aliens were infiltrating human society--in this case, an XCom base. It was just me and my partner, and our job was to kill the aliens in the base without killing the humans.

During the first iteration, my partner was ashiri_chan. We were in a big room which was apparently like a mess hall, except it was filled with all kinds of people just talking. Some other members of XCom came through a door in the side wall and went over to the XCom members and hugged them, apparenly thanking them for saving them from the alien menace or whatever. My first response was a sort of "God will know his own!" theory where I just shot them all. After they were dead, a lot of them made this weird "Zing!" sound and two forked tongues came out of their mouth, indicating that they were aliens. But two of them were human, so I failed the test and had to restart. The second time, my partner was a girl I knew back in high school.

It kept going like that for a while as I got more and more paranoid until I eventually gave up the test and left the base, only to realize that the secret underground XCom base was in the middle of downtown Batavia (the inside also looked like an office building). The dream ended when I and another recruit tried to ride off together to get out of having to accidentally shoot people all the time.
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Current Music: Rick Astley vs. Combichrist - This Shit Will Never Give You Up (dj486 Remix)