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07 January 2008 @ 07:07 pm
Ohayocon 2008  
I have a little post-con blues at the moment, but I'm sure it'll go away. In the meantime, here's the report from Ohayocon 2008.

We spent most of Thursday traveling, so not a very eventful day. softlykarou and I woke up at ashiri_chan's, where we had spent the night to solve parking issues. Got to the airport, plane left on time, got to the con location okay, etc. etc. Once there, we kind of waited around for everyone else to arrive (since most of them had driven) and then hung around in tropicanaomega and tastee_wheat's room while they did a bit more work on their cosplays. After dinner at the Max and Erma's across the street (very rare New York Strip with blue cheese crumbles. Mmmmmmm...), we went back to our room to finish up our cosplays (and some others came up, since our room was inexplicably twice as big as anyone else's), then went to bed.

Friday, softlykarou and I woke up and got her Navi ("Hey! Listen!") costume put together before heading out. There wasn't much we wanted to do before a beginning cosplay panel at 7 p.m., so we wandered around for a while and looked at other cosplayers. We went to the dance on Friday night, but nearly got kicked out because it was apparently a "family-friendly" rave, whatever the hell that means. After that bout of lame, we went back to the room with some friends of ashiri_chan and hung out before it got pretty late, and then went to bed.

Saturday we woke up again and changed into our Phoenix Wright cosplays (unfortunately, I don't have a picture yet where I'm not obscured) and went down for the semi-official photoshoot, which lasted a while. After lunch, softlykarou and I separated. She had to go to a Psych in Anime panel, which was apparently pretty awesome and has inspired her to run a similar panel at ACEN. It also inspired her to get the manga Welcome to the NHK, which is hilariously disturbning (the manga, not her desire to get it). We went to the masquerade and saw tropicanaomega's skit (which, sadly, did not win anything), as well as the other skits, which were actually pretty funny. We caught the tail end of the AMV contest, and while nothing I saw was really amazing, there was a neat video of the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya to Still Alive of Portal fame. After a few hours in a room hanging out at a pseudo-birthday party with a bunch of people whose LJs (if they have them) I don't know, we went down and caught the tail end of the rave (which was decidedly not family-friendly this time ^_~), before heading outside for a bit, and then to bed at around 5.

Sunday we left and came home. Only problem was the lack of sleep and the massive flight delay due to "fog," though I'm told that weather always gets blamed because the companies don't have to reimburse anyone for the delays then.

Looking forward to ACEN already. This could be the year when softlykarou and my Marie and Miruru (from Onegai Teacher) costumes actually happen...
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