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11 September 2007 @ 04:08 pm
As it turns out, that class is being held in October due to a conflict with the tutor's schedule. It would have been nice to have been told beforehand, but softlykarou and I are officially signed up now. It's the first three weeks in October, so that's when we definitely won't be able to come to Monday night dinners. Fortunately, that doesn't include the 22nd.

I had a conversation recently that drove home that, despite any lingering feelings of youthfulness that remain, I am technically an adult:

primrosemaiden (10:18:25 PM):i keep having "wow i am an adult now" epiphanies too
primrosemaiden (10:18:43 PM):like today on the way home i was like "i am 23, and i pay all my bills and support myself on my own"
De a Than Dhu It (10:19:22 PM):I do the same thing
De a Than Dhu It (10:19:28 PM):Well, that and I'm married :-p
primrosemaiden (10:19:19 PM):yes well
primrosemaiden (10:19:23 PM): there is that

As I said earlier, maybe it'll be having a child that really drives the point home.
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