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23 July 2007 @ 05:14 pm
Rant on...  

“Does anyone have a synonym for ‘shitload’?“

Dear Idiot,
Threatening to cancel your subscription does nothing when the person you’re talking to wouldn’t care if you got hit by a car once you hung up the phone. No, we won’t reprint your baby’s picture. Maybe if you hadn’t spelled your own last name wrong twice on the form, we would consider it. And yes, I know you claim you didn’t bring the baby in. Convenient that whoever brought it in didn’t fill out the clearly-labeled part of the form for “if not the parent.” Also convenient that you immediately leap to blame us instead of considering that maybe, you should have picked someone to bring in your baby who knew how to spell.

Well, we managed to get an apartment in a no-pet building, but I’m wondering if we should have gotten one in a no-children building as well. The apartments we’re in are new (about five years old, I think they said), and seem to be fairly evenly split between young couples with children, young couples without them, and two dudes rooming together (I have seen neither old couples nor any women rooming together so far). Yesterday, though, I guess they decided to break out the pogo sticks or something, because there was an intermittent pounding on the floor for about six hours. I’m thinking the people who rang my doorbell were the children from upstairs coming to apologize or something, but (in classic me fashion) I ignored them until they went away, so I guess I’ll never know.

Vodka pasta sauce is delicious. I’m glad I bought more.

Finally, for those of you who are interested in having your own home library at some point in the future, I bring you Books By the Foot! No longer do you have to do any of that tedious crap like actually reading the books, or organizing them, or picking topics. You can custom order books to make even the most ignorant philistine look like a towering cultural genius!
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