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04 November 2006 @ 09:28 pm
Something very disturbing  
I just realized the implications of the last link in the last entry.

American torture techniques (and yes, it's fucking torture) are now classified as state secrets. Revealing them is a crime. Knowing about them without having appropriate security clearance means you could reveal them. Therefore, being tortured makes you a security risk, since you now know about them

In Bush's America, it is legal to take non-citizens, and anyone Der Fuhrerthe President considers to be a security risk, kick down their doors in the middle of the night and haul them away to be tortured. It is legal to bring their families along and torture them to if that will help get more information out of them.

Another thing I've realized is, if you vote Republican, you don't just support fascism, you are a fascist.

If you vote Republican this Tuesday, do me a favor and never talk to me again. Thanks.

Can someone tell me why Republicans hate our freedom more than the terrorists?
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Jaideraijaiderai on November 5th, 2006 09:55 pm (UTC)
Equally scary to think about (well, maybe equally, it's hard to figure out a qualitative "scale of scariness" when dealing with this anymore) is that, everyone knows what America's torture techniques are. They aren't even secrets: sleep deprivation, stress positions, waterboarding, hypothermia, etc. Which makes me wonder why they would claim they're state secrets, aside from having a cover to not have to answer any questions about them...

...unless they're doing things even worse that haven't been brought to light yet (or at least, haven't been brought to light by organizations anyone pays attention to anymore, like the ACLU. Last year). And even that's been obtained through the Freedom of Information Act. So what else is going on in there?

(ps: did you know the Pentagon is exempt from FOIA requests now? Top 25 censored stories of the past year. That's #8.)
Ianmodius13 on November 6th, 2006 05:41 am (UTC)
"Can someone tell me why Republicans hate our freedom more than the terrorists?"

I'm assuming that the puppet masters want a solid, ever-lasting peace. This assumes that everyone is playing nice by their set of rules. Anyone who does not play nice by these rules is a terrorist. Freedom gives people the choice of wether or not to play nice. Therefore, freedom lets people choose to be terrorists. If the puppet masters take away that freedom, then there can be no terrorists. If there are no terrorists on Earth, the puppet masters can turn their eyes elsewhere... like Mars.

My mind suddenly feels very dirty and wrong.....