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26 April 2006 @ 06:01 pm
I'm a real boy!  
So, I just scheduled my first in-person interview. I've done phone interviews before, but this will be the first one in person. It's with the manager of Swordfish (local sushi restaurant) for a review. Hopefully it goes well ^_^

Edit: In other news, Christopher Lee sings better than you do.

Seriously, Christopher Lee is the man. I will now relate this story: "My favorite Lee story was where he talked about how most (actually all) of Saruman's scenes were cut out of Return of the King,including the post-Ring War scene where Grima finally kills Saruman.Jackson wanted Saruman to cry out as Grima stabbed him in the back, andLee said that didn't make sense.

Jackson asked "Why?" and Lee said, "Well, when I assassinated Germans for British Intelligence in World War II, none of them ever cried out like that."

He also is related to Italian nobility, is a trained swordsman, speaks six languages fluently and a smattering of others...

...he is, in short, a PC :-p
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Current Music: Rhapsody - Magic of the Wizard's Dream