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29 January 2017 @ 07:38 pm
Darker than Black, Week 36: Adagio Teas White Chai Tea Bar  
I was wavering on doing Darrker than Black this week, but since softlykarou will be gone for a large part of next weekend, we decided to go ahead with it. And also since every time I stopped pay attention to the internet for more than thirty minutes at a time, I'd come back thinking, "So are we a fascist dictatorship yet?" And last I checked, the answer was, "Maybe, we need more time to determine that." So chocolate seems like a good idea.

I love chai tea. We have an entire cabinet full of tea flavors, but one of them is a giant bag of a pound of Adagio's Thai chai flavor, and while I'll mix up what I eat during the week, I almost always have Thai chai with breakfast on weekends. It's the faint spice of chai with coconut and lemongrass, and it tastes amazing with tsukemono and rice. This chocolate wasn't Thai chai, but chai is amazing in all its forms, so last time we were buying teas we grabbed it on the way out.

And yes, I know chai means "tea," from the Chinese 茶. But unless you want a long lecture about how words adopted into other languages change meaning with plenty of Japanese examples, shh.  photo shhh.gif

With tasty tea bits.

This was good but too sweet. 58% barely counts as dark chocolate, especially when I'm used to eating 90% cacao chocolate, but since I love chai flavor so much I wanted to try it anyway. It didn't have the coconut and lemongrass of the Thai chai that I drink of weekends, but it still had a pleasant spice.

Unfortunately, I'm not the biggest fan of spicy and sweet chocolate flavors together. The last time I remember something similar was when I had a batch of chili at a friend's party that had a chocolate bar in it, and while normally I love chili, I couldn't finish my bowl. Here I was able to finish the chocolate, but there's a sweet taste sticking in my mouth even now, around twenty minutes after I ate the chocolate. It kind of makes me want to go make some chai to wash the taste out.

If you like milk chocolate and tea, this is probably the chocolate for you. But reducing my usual standards proved a bad idea in this case.  photo 3327b7f6b45a33781e80dce4e4461510-d4ipx9c.gif

It broke while I was opening it, but I don't think you can tell here.

softlykarou's Opinion
I've had a few tea chocolate bars from Adagio, we usually grab one when we go. This time we grabbed the white chai because we had also purchased white chai to brew in our teapot. We ignored that it was barely dark, at 58%. However, I really liked it. The different spices in chai stood up well with the lighter chocolate than they would have with something darker. I think they would have made more competition. Each bite I felt like I got something different and wonderful. Plus I really liked the texture of having the tea on the back of the bar. Even if it's not dark chocolate, I still really enjoyed the chance to eat it!
This comes down to the differences in our taste! softlykarou likes sweeter chocolate than I do, so for her it wasn't too sweet. I'll remember that for next time, and she can have the whole thing.  photo emot-glomp.gif
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